Letters to the Editor
Be sensitive to the name of Jesus
I’m writing to express a comment regarding the August 2010 issue of the Christian Examiner in which you hyphenated the name Jesus in an article that appeared on page 3 under the headline “John Wooden’s last maxim: love God and love others.”

A number of years ago the Lord placed a personal conviction upon my heart that the name of Jesus should not be hyphenated because it is the name that is above every other name. And it is the name at which every knee shall bow. And because there is no other name written under heaven by which men might be saved.

It is for this reason that I’ve come to believe that the name of Jesus should never be hyphenated, but rather, it should be kept intact and whole; preserving the integrity of this most precious name—the name of the Lord Jesus.

In closing, I would like to share one last comment with you in regard to your fine newspapers. I’ve noticed a growing number of Christian publications are beginning to use upper case letters in their website addresses with words that directly pertain to our Christian faith. Words such as Christian, etc. They are doing this as a sign of respect and also because websites are not “case” sensitive.

It is my prayerful hope that other Christian publications would begin using this method as well.

Paul Sugalski
Chula Vista, Calif.

Inmate grateful for newspaper
Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am in prison in Texas and you’ve been sending me the Christian Examiner for some time now. I look forward to receiving it each month and enjoy reading and discussing your insightful articles. Thank you very much for this blessing.

The church services here are not very good at all. They tend to preach the “feel good” gospel, and fail to mention things such as sin, repentance, judgment, etc. Please pray for our services.

Jeff Warner
Tennessee Colony, Texas

Killing baby girls in India
When I read the article “Christians fight infant killing in India,” (August 2010), I was absolutely horrified. It’s terrible what is happening to baby girls in India.

Does the group doing this ministry have an American contact?

I would like very much to help them on a monthly basis. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Annamaria Villegas
Riverside, Calif.

Editor’s note: Several other readers contacted our office regarding the BP News Story regarding the practice of killing baby girls in India. The ministry highlighted in the story was the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund. For more information on their work, visit worldhungerfund.com.

Prop 8 voices
Why are so many decrying this decision regarding Prop. 8? The reasons are legion: the notion that a society is not qualified to define something as fundamental as what constitutes a family and a marriage. That one man alone stands qualified to define for hundreds of millions of people what marriage is. That one man alone can determine the intent of 7 million-plus voters as they voted to define marriage. That one man can arbitrarily conclude that voters who vote their religious values do so out of a willingness to harm other people. That one man can say what does and does not matter when defining marriage. That one man would have the hubris to declare arbitrarily what is and is not necessary to raise children. That one man would have the audacity to think that he can define society's norm for the world’s lone superpower.

Chris Clark
Protect Marriage pastoral team

I am disappointed in the judge’s ruling on Prop. 8. Voters voted, and the majority said marriage is between a man and a woman—honor the majority’s vote.

I am also torn. As much as I want my state and, ultimately, my nation to recognize, confirm, and uphold that marriage in its original intent is between man and woman, and that it should remain as such, I also know I cannot force people to think the way I do. Just as God does not force people into a relationship with Him, neither can I force others into a right relationship with their Creator.

A love or relationship that is forced is not a true love or relationship. It is then bondage. A true love or relationship can only be found in a willingness to surrender one’s rights to another and to allow the other to do as that one sees fit.

The Lord allows people to choose their own ways. It is their choice. Does it break my heart that so many will go against their Creator? You betcha. However, that is their choice. In eternity, they will have to reap the consequences they sow now. Will I keep actively voicing that marriage between and a man and a woman should be the only type of marriage allowed? Most definitely yes, I will.

Beth Gayvert
San Diego, Calif.

The wolf is at the door. We live in a day where evil is called good and good is called evil. Judge Walker’s legal opinion represents a profoundly dark day for democracy and ordered liberty. Federal constitutional equal protection precedent is very clear that there is no right to same-sex marriage.

Schwarzenegger and Brown’s choices to not act as reasonable public servants and defend the people’s will are despicable. To ultimately prevail, proponents of same-sex marriage have the difficult job of convincing the U.S. Supreme Court to abandon existing equal protection precedent and create a new constitutional right, as was done in Roe v. Wade.

The greatest threat to religious freedom today is the radical homosexual legal agenda. Political correctness and self-censorship is already subtly destroying the church’s witness as many pastors cower in fear. If marriage falls, “hate speech” and “anti-discrimination” schemes will soon threaten to further silence the church, as is already happening in Europe and Canada. The American church must recognize the wolf is at the door and wake up before it is too late. 

Dean Broyles
Western Center for Law & Policy
Escondido, Calif.

I’ve never met a gay man created from two sperm, or a gay woman created from two eggs. Marriage is simply the reflection of procreation: 1 egg + 1 sperm = human procreation. It’s that simple. Saying marriage has to do with civil rights is a lie. These are “moral” people using laws and courts to get special treatment. Our society is too tolerant and way too amoral.

Maybe Obama is correct in saying we are no longer a Christian country.

All I know is when God tears down our amoral country, it will be the breeders that rebuild society! Leave marriage for the (few) people who want to honor our Creator. 

Cathy Arbor
San Diego Calif.

Prop 8 voices continued...
Our current U.S. culture is likened to the Pergamus & Thyatira churches in Revelation, where sexual immorality was rampant. Thyatira compromised morality for the business axiom of the times, and the rites of Jezebel and “the deep things of Satan.” Pergamus followed Baalam and sexual sin, and the result was spiritual decay. As with President Bill Clinton—when we compromise morality we deteriorate.

Judge Walker’s overturning of Prop. 8 is a compromise of morality—for social, selfish and economic reasons. His antichrist position, against the Bible and our Constitution ... “for the people and by the people” ... has undermined the people who approved it.

Jesus purchased redemption on that cross. He did not pay that price for us to sin. His blood was shed to forgive, set us free from the bondage of sin, and put us in a right relationship with Him. The hope for all sinners is in Romans 8:1-15, John 3:15-16, and I John 1:9. The Lord’s answer to Pergamus and Thyatira was repent and overcome. He demands the same today. Pastor Mike MacIntosh of Horizon Christian Fellowship states, “We are all witnesses—either good or bad—according to how we live. Christians have to die to self. We have to let go of things pleasurable to us. We cannot compromise.”

At home and at work, I continue to promote traditional marriage, based on God’s Holy Word.

Judith Randall, LMFT
Poway, Calif.

I do not understand how one person can overturn millions of votes, which also constituted the majority of Californians. I do not think the judicial branch should have that overwhelming power. I do not want my church to shut down because they would be forced to marry gays.

I also think that allowing gay marriage is a negative influence on Christians and children because by legalizing it, it shows them there is nothing wrong with gay marriage and it may lead them into a sinful life because our laws would state it’s OK. 

Rose Swank
San Diego, Calif.

The only thing more troubling than our own elected representatives blatantly disrespecting our democratic process and disenfranchising the electorate is the unknown direction in which same-sex marriage will lead us.

Will we as Americans be willing to allow ourselves to be forced into a one-sided contract of tolerance and be compelled by a very small faction of society to literally change the composition of the American family, as well as the centuries-old foundation of society throughout the world?

Do Americans no longer believe that the ideal situation in which to raise our children is with the natural and unique contribution of both a mother and a father, or will we render one or the other of no use or importance any longer?

Desaré Ferraro
Anaheim Hills, Calif.

Judge Walker’s recent ruling in Perry v. Schwarzenegger indicates to me that we are in a period of arrogance. It does not seem to matter what the Constitution states because there is no civil right that has been abrogated by Proposition 8; it apparently does not matter that the will of seven million California voters has been ignored, and the governor of the state and the attorney general simply decided not to do their jobs because they do not concur with the people.

Phyllis Nemeth, state director
Concerned Women for America of California,
Arcadia, Calif.

The ruling to invalidate the voters on Yes On Prop 8 tells us again that We The People no longer garner any respect from our judicial system. We haven’t for quite awhile. Taking the cross out of our state’s emblem and out of our courts is a scary thing. (It shows) man depending on man’s intelligence alone, as if we do not need the assistance of God, symbolizing that we do not even acknowledge Him, putting man over and above God. First rules of the Ten Commandments broken!

It's no wonder America is slipping away. Christians need to start arguing again in the civic arena, the right and wrong of homosexuality. We need to start arguing again the violation of our First Amendment Rights to freedom of religion in court.

It is because we can’t even argue these points, but instead can only argue whether it is fair and equal, that we are losing. It is not about equality or fairness. It is about right and wrong and about honoring God. As President Lincoln said, “they are calling for the righteous to repent, not the sinners.”

Cathy Richardson
Capistrano Beach, Calif.

My 11-year-old daughter asked me why people were discussing proposition 8 on the news the other night. She asked, “Didn’t we win for marriage Daddy.” She had helped with signs, fliers, and prayer during the Prop 8 campaign.

 I thought I perhaps had stumbled on a teachable moment for both of my children regarding fair play and justice. After a moment of reflection, I didn’t think too much of that idea.

 How would I explain to them that the will of over seven million California voters was discarded by the opinion of one judge and that the attorney general elected by many of those same voters (the same AG that now wishes to be their governor) now refuses to defend those voters as the case proceeds to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

 I changed the subject and asked if they wished to go out for some ice cream. The lesson on judicial tyranny and imposing your will upon others will be saved for another day.

Robert LoDestro
Corona, Calif.

Reader response appreciated
Thank you for publishing “Children ≠ Widgets,” my commentary about at-risk children. in your June edition. I’ve received many compliments on the piece.

Most importantly, the editorial helped to raise awareness about the needs of at-risk kids—and perhaps it even inspired some of your faith-based readers to consider becoming foster or adoptive parents. That’s priceless to us.

Donald A. Verleur II
CEO, Olive Crest
Santa Ana, Calif.

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