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For Some, the Bible Is Offensive

You may have heard about this. The article is pretty self-explanatory. The reason we used this image of me holding a Bible was a bit of a throwback to the old photos of Billy Graham (a personal hero and friend) holding his up while saying, "The Bible says . . . !"


Mama, You are a Theologian!

I write extensively on the importance of moms knowing right theology and being students of the Word for themselves. Sometimes, however, the consensus from moms seems to be that they don't know how to be theologians; they don't know where to start or what that would look like in the midst of their busy lives.


Galatians for Catholics, Protestants and Every Christian

Some people in matters of faith initially seem to receive the Gospel message of salvation, but are subsequently seduced into placing themselves back under the law. That is to say, they fall under the spell of legalism as they revert to the old pattern of trying to be made right with God by their works rather than by grace.


Burma Is Getting Away With Persecution of Christians

The nation of Burma repeatedly captures headlines as human rights in the Southeast Asian country continue to deteriorate. At the center of these stories is the southwestern state of Rakhine, home to the Rohingya, a predominately Muslim ethic group. According to the New York Times, currently over 680,000 Rohingyas are estimated to have fled to neighboring Bangladesh as a result of the Burmese military campaign against the group. The campaign, denied by the Myanmar government, has escalated throughout the past year and is now being called ethnic cleansing by both the United States and the United Nations, as reported by CNN. Many Muslims, who make up roughly 4% of the country's population, have been left with nothing but destroyed villages and now preside in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Bangladesh.