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Blessings Are Everywhere, They Just Have to Be Found

The night before, I prayed. I had been praying for a week, but this was different. The next day I would be taking my first ever AP exam and knew I would need help. Computer Science may have come easy to me in class, but I was so scared about the AP exam as some questions had the capability to boggle me. They are excessively wordy and occasionally fail to get their point across clearly. Two weeks before the exam, my teacher handed out a practice test. I successfully answered seventeen out of forty-three correctly. A week later when I took it home reviewed my answer, one thought recurred in my mind with almost every question, "Man! What was I thinking?!" This only added to my frustration with the AP, but nothing could be done about it. Going in to the test, I didn't have high hopes, but I decided to try my best.