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Growth or fixed: why your daughter's mindset matters

The unknown can be frightening for anyone, no matter the stage or season. Anytime we step outside our comfort zone and try something new, we may hear that little voice of doubt inside that says, "Can I really do this?" How loud and clear that voice is depends on one's mindset.


Bible verses about mass shooting to comfort and heal

The unspeakable tragedies of mass shootings have caused our nation to quake with painful reverberations time and time again. News images of vigil prayers, mourning families of victims and political pundits casting blame have become all too common. What does the Bible say about mass shootings?


How to nurture your daughter's unique voice

Developing a girl's character is no easy undertaking in today's world. No matter what stage or season she's in, at times the responsibility of guiding her can feel like both a great honor and a heavy burden.


3 super helpful habits for Christians to grow in faith

In life, healthy habits can be the difference between success and the squandering of time. So too, as a Christian serious about growing in faith, habits are important. Healthy spiritual habits can lead one into a deeper daily walk with Jesus Christ.