Top 3 Reasons Why the Popular Evolution Story Is a Myth

We have Charles Darwin to thank for opening our eyes to the forces of natural selection so useful today in medical research, healthcare, and technology. But Darwin also did us a great disservice, all too blithely extrapolating from observable "bounded" evolution to his Grand Theory of microbe-to-man "unbounded" evolution.


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A Mother's Apron String

Pastor and radio Bible teacher, Chuck Swindoll, once shared a story about a good friend who was raised by a godly pastor's wife. The friend said his mother used to rock him to sleep, not by singing little ditties and lullabies, but by singing to him the great hymns of the faith.


Everyday Miracles as Evidence for God

Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple once observed, "when I pray coincidences happen, and when I do not pray coincidences do not happen." Many Christians can resonate with Temple's wry description of answered prayer. But skeptics disagree, charging that such experiences only demonstrate a selection bias that "counts the hits" and "ignores the misses." They ask, "What about all the time when you prayed and those 'coincidences' didn't happen?"


Is Over-Scheduling Causing You Stress?

Beep, beep, beep! Your alarm clock taunts you in the wee hours. You plan to start your day with a cup of coffee and some quiet time, but the dog is begging to go out and you forgot to make your kids' lunch for school.


The 5 Marks of a Great Christian Leader

Over the years I have had the privilege of knowing, working with and serving under some great Christian leaders. These leaders were not always the flashiest but they all carried a certain gravitas that everyone could sense.


Japan's Secret to Long Life Was Never Really a Secret

The Guinness Book of World Records recently identified Masazo Nonakaas of Japan as the oldest living man. He is over 112 years old. Some contribute this longevity to a Japanese concept known as "Ikigai." The principles described in "Ikigai" are ancient Judeo-Christian values.


What Is the Point of Prayer?

Many people, whether or not they are believers, have wondered about prayer. What is the point of prayer? If God already knows what will happen, why pray?


Surviving and Thriving With Your Strong-Willed Child

For all you parents of strong-willed kids, I get it. It's not easy—your child challenges you on everything. Even a simple request, such as "brush your teeth," can escalate into a civil war. How are the other moms making this parenting thing look so easy?