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Keep Some Mystery in Your Marriage

Mystique and intrigue keep people interested in each other. But the more comfortable and familiar we are with each other, the less intriguing we become.


Why Social Media Makes Us Unhappy

A past study from the University of Michigan showed that "Facebook use actually predicts declines in a user's well-being." Although the study doesn't go so far as to attempt to explain exactly why, I offer here a few explanatory suggestions. Oh yeah... and it's poetry (because poetry and unhappiness go so well together).


The Parable of the Executive VP from Samaria—My Tips for Christians in Business

In business, rarely have I heard a Vice President or a General Manager use the story of the Good Samaritan when describing how he attained his position or how she wants her division to run. They talk about ethical business practices, employee care, and recordable incident rate or safety numbers as they recount strategies used to meet profit goals and mitigate losses. But I postulate it is in those losses where we discover the true nature of our leaders—are they Priests or are they Samaritans?


When Things Seem Impossible, Remember His Faithfulness

Isn't it amazing that God can move on our behalf, and in a moment of crisis, come through with just the right answer or provision for that hour? And then, isn't it even more amazing when He does it again, and again, and again? But as remarkable as this is, I find it even more amazing that when we go through the next major crisis we suffer from amnesia and immediately forget all the times He has come through for us.


Tackling Stress With a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is essential for handling the stresses of life. The ability to find something funny in life is a key feature to discovering joy in a sometimes rather dreary world. Laughter allows you to bleed tension out of your mind and body. It allows you to deal with difficult situations.


10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Church

Looking for a new church can be an exciting process, but it can also be discouraging and even frustrating. Here are 10 questions that may help you work through that process – 5 you should ask before you leave your current fellowship, and 5 you should ask before you arrive at the new one.


The Gospel of the Second Advent

On a Sabbath day—a little over thirty years after He had taken upon Himself a human nature and was given the human name Jesus—the eternal Son of God stepped into the synagogue in His home town of Nazareth. Imagine the intense interest His presence aroused among the other worshippers that day. He had already made quite a stir with His Messianic preaching. They would have heard rumors that Jesus offered Himself as the long-awaited Messiah of Israel Who would, among other things, give them victory over the Roman Empire which then ruled over them.


How To Win Someone's Heart

Whether the situation is a boy trying to win the heart of a girl, a parent trying to get through to his rebellious teenager, an employer trying to help a disgruntled employee, or a wife trying to break down emotional barriers in her husband, there is a secret to winning someone's heart: understanding.