Growth or fixed: why your daughter's mindset matters

The unknown can be frightening for anyone, no matter the stage or season. Anytime we step outside our comfort zone and try something new, we may hear that little voice of doubt inside that says, "Can I really do this?" How loud and clear that voice is depends on one's mindset.

Heal our land...

Every time a young white male mass shooter kills more than himself, we offer thoughts and prayers for the families and then wait for the 24-hour news cycle to find something else to talk about.





Marriage and the Nature of God

One of the most amazing and beautiful facts about the union of the woman and the man is that marriage portrays the Holy Trinity. I think this is a part of why marriage leads some to faith; it reflects the unity, the love, and the pillar of authority which are all revealed in the Trinity. Others will see our unity and love, and will know Christ.