Veterans Day Reminds Us We All Carry Wounds, but There Is Hope

Nov. 11, is Veterans Day — a time when we honor those who have served in the military to defend our freedoms. You will notice men and women wearing hats that tell what branch of our armed forces they served in and if they fought in Vietnam or even World War II.

Scriptural Prayers for All Situations

Many years ago, when my wife Jeana was diagnosed with cancer, it was a wake-up call for us. At that time we had two young boys, a large and growing church, and a great life. But when cancer struck my 35-year-old wife and led to surgeries, ruthless chemotherapy treatments, and additional radiation treatments, our lives turned upside down.

Thomas Jefferson and the Myth of a Secular America

The contentiousness of the recent elections underscores how there are conflicting visions of what our nation should be. Are we a brave new world in a secular mold or are we endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights?