How to Overcome Bad Habits and Bad Character

One of the hardest things you'll do in life is overcome a bad habit. The key to overcoming bad habits or bad character is self accountability. If a person isn't held accountable, there is little motivation to change.

Where Did the Truth Go?

As a Christian I find it disheartening that the loudest voices are those being broadcast regardless of the veracity of their content. But I also find it somewhat comforting.

Flying Too Close to the Sun

The Greek Myth of Icarus comes to mind while reading a recent CNN article about NASA launching a probe, the Parker Solar Probe, to fly "closer to the sun than any spacecraft has ever reached." Parker's mission is to enable NASA to study solar winds before plunging deep into the sun's corona on a death dive. But Icarus and NASA are not alone among humanity seeking to be closer to that brightest of lights that brings life to this existence—however, it's not the Sun; rather, the light we seek is the Son.





Let Him Without Sin Cast the First Stone

Ben Shapiro recently cited an article from the UK Daily Mail wherein a 69 year-old mother of a 47 year-old man with Down's syndrome reflected on her life, wishing she had aborted her baby. Why? Because he made her life harder than it might have been and because he has not had the quality of life she wanted for her son. The article, and the overt recommendation to abort, begs we Christians address the issue.