3 debates surrounding the crucifixion

The crux of the Christian faith is the cross. This is the moment in history where Jesus Christ, the Son of God, voluntarily laid down His life so that humanity might be set free from sin and restored to life, Christians have believed through the ages.


Reaffirming Marriage in Today's Divorce Culture

Whether a celebrity couple announces the news of their divorce as did Jeff Bezos with the touching tweet, "If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again," or the joint statement by Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston that the breakup was, "mutual and lovingly made," the fact remains that a sacred oath and tie has been broken, and sadness and disappointment are inevitable.

Major Elements of the Christian Marriage Union and How to Avoid Shipwreck

It is a secret to no one that marriage among Christians and in this society is in shambles. It is a shipwreck. Your average minister has gotten to the point they just throw their hands in the air and give up; they either don't talk about marriage often, since it's so appallingly painful to bring up, or they lower the standards immensely, so we can feel good about ourselves.

To Err is Human

For the last two years, all eyes have been on Washington as former decorated Marine and FBI agent, Robert Mueller, investigated claims that the current U.S. President may have colluded with a foreign power to rise to the highest power in the land, that of the President of these United States. At the end of March, Attorney General William Barr released a letter saying his read of the Mueller Report showed no collusion on the part of the President, and just last week, AG Barr confirmed what the President has been saying for months – that his privacy was violated by "someone" spying on his campaign.

How Reality TV Messes with Our Take on Reality

One woman, using her celebrity influence, recently dared to speak out against the body shaming trend which has come to dominate our image-obsessed popular culture. American singer, Demi Lovato, responded to a journalist's online comments that she had a "fuller figure" with the perfect retort – "I am more than my weight." The "more" that she is referring to could arguably mean so many things such as "I am successful," "I am loved," "I am happy."

Have You Been Stifled?

In the hit TV comedy series Archie Bunker, one of Archie's famous lines was "Will you stifle yourself!" The Cambridge dictionary defines "stifle" in part as: "to prevent something from happening, being expressed, or continuing...." I'd like to talk about the "being expressed" part. Whether in word or deed, we as God's children are expressionists by nature.