Should Christians Be Fighting a Culture War?

Have you ever heard the phrase "the culture war?" It's a blanket phrase that describes the various cultural "conflicts" between perhaps more conservative and more liberal beliefs in real world society. Images come to mind of the the battle over Christmas, yard signs that say "Keep Christ in Christmas" and of course who can forget topics like Columbus Day, Thanksgiving changing to Turkey Day, the debate over gay marriage, Religious liberty, NFL players taking a knee for the national anthem, Hollywood, "morality in the public square" and other sort of cultural topics with certain political undertones.

Arkansas Priest Hopes to Spread Gospel as Contestant on 'American Ninja Warrior'

Father Stephen Gadberry, pastor of St. Mary Church in Batesville and St. Cecilia Church in Newport, Arkansas, will appear as a contestant on the new season of the popular NBC reality show "American Ninja Warrior," to compete for the $1 million grand prize when it kicks off on Wednesday night and he's also hoping to share his faith while he's at it.