Churches take part in 'Day of Service' on MLK holiday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just a time in which people take off from work or school; it is also a national day of service in which numerous secular and religious organizations oversee volunteer projects to better their communities.

Alarm bells against discrimination

Fortunately, the media are increasingly reporting about persecution of people on account of their religion. This no longer happens only on particularly news-worthy occasions.

Boys also need to be rescued from the sex industry

I recently saw a photo of a friend's little boy. He's a toddler, and extremely adorable, but what struck me about the photo was not his goofy smile or his silly antics — it was his shirt. The shirt read, "Boys will be boys held accountable for their actions."

Targeting of Karen Pence is wake-up call to all Christians

Vice President Pence's wife Karen has come under withering attack in recent days from many in the media. From this "reporting," one might think she has transgressed some obvious social boundary of a civilized society. In reality, the big "scoop" is that this Christian wife and mother, whose Christian beliefs are important to her, is teaching at a Christian school, which being Christian, holds to Christian beliefs about marriage.

Is God mad at me? 3 biblical truths about God's anger

The idea of God's anger or wrath is sure to pop up in religious news and social media circles every time our nation or the world faces a tragedy, natural disaster or violent attack. Invariably, someone will attribute the destruction and pain to God's anger with some subsection of humanity, or indeed humanity as a whole.