Morally Indignant Humanists Take Aim at Operation Christmas Child

In this article, I'm going to offer a response to an article by Humanists UK which expresses opposition to the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child (OCC) program. In the program, donors pack shoe boxes with gifts to be distributed to poor children around the world at Christmas.

How Churches Should Engage With the Political Sphere

With every election cycle, churches, their leaders, and congregants, face the same questions: Where do we fit into this debate? What positions should we take on the issues before us? What is our responsibility to our society? What are the limits of our engagement?

Evangelism 101: "King's X" for Grownups

I suppose I'm dating myself here, but I recall as a child in the '50's hearing the term "King's X" called out during games involving "pursuers" and "fleers." In calling upon the authority of the King's signature, or X, the player thus demanded immediate immunity from being "tagged" or "captured." When honored (as it nearly always was) King's X thus secured a suspension of the normal rules of the game—much as crossing one's fingers behind the back granted permission to lie.