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Veterans Day Reminds Us We All Carry Wounds, but There Is Hope

Nov. 11, is Veterans Day — a time when we honor those who have served in the military to defend our freedoms. You will notice men and women wearing hats that tell what branch of our armed forces they served in and if they fought in Vietnam or even World War II.


How Should Christians Interact With American Culture? Courage, Cowardice, or Complacency

One of the greatest challenges that American Christians are currently facing concerns the question of how should they interact with present-day American culture. Many Christians are aware that there is a cultural shift occurring. Though American culture has never been fully "Christian" per se, today the culture is becoming increasingly anti-Christian. All anyone has to do is turn on prime-time television to see how the culture is promoting beliefs, activities, and lifestyles that are in total contradiction to the Bible and Christian living. Almost every week, there are news stories of Christian bakers, or photographers, being sued for refusing to participate in homosexual weddings or military chaplains being penalized for standing for biblical truth. It is clear that the divide between the "church" and the "world" is becoming more accentuated and more defined. Should Christians do nothing? Should Christians isolate themselves from the culture? How do Christians ""be in" this culture, yet "not of it"?


The Death of Free Speech in America

Freedom of speech is the most fundamental pillar of Western, Judeo-Christian society. Increasingly, this fundamental civil right afforded to all Americans through the First Amendment to our Constitution is being eroded by the Islamist-leftist coalition in an effort to assert control over "we the people."