Time to Celebrate

Some of the weapons that Satan uses against us are discouragement and hopelessness. Yes, the media, arts and entertainment, government and other spheres of influence disgust us daily, but don't let it get you down. Those of us who love the Lord are taking the Gospel and the truth of God to the streets of America and to the most remote mud huts around the world. There is much to celebrate!


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Surely I Am With You Always

Being content is easy for most people when the refrigerator is full, the bills are paid, the boss is happy, and the kids and spouse are healthy. But what about when all is not well? What about when everything seems to be falling apart?


The Parable of the Executive VP from Samaria—My Tips for Christians in Business

In business, rarely have I heard a Vice President or a General Manager use the story of the Good Samaritan when describing how he attained his position or how she wants her division to run. They talk about ethical business practices, employee care, and recordable incident rate or safety numbers as they recount strategies used to meet profit goals and mitigate losses. But I postulate it is in those losses where we discover the true nature of our leaders—are they Priests or are they Samaritans?


Surviving Our Image Obsessed Culture: How Body Shaming Affects Us All

Instagram has once again come under the spotlight with the shockwaves caused by Anna Faris' recent deletion of a photo which invited merciless criticism from fans. This news comes after last month, the Plus Size model, Tess Holliday, defended her right to be the size she is in the wake of criticism from Piers Morgan that she is setting a bad example by being dangerously obese.


The Revelation From the Churches of Revelation

The churches of the Book of Revelation hold a spiritual ranking. It's an order of the churches most pleasing to our Lord, all the way down to the one He said made Him sick. Let's take a fresh look and see what He sees! Let's prayerfully consider how He might rank our church!


Kneel, Stand, Move, Repeat

It's football season in America and a lot of us have discussed the issues and activism that can distract us from enjoying the game of professional football. We all know the conflict between the NFL, former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and even the President of these United States. Still, some NFL athletes put their money, and their time, where their mouth is. Carson Wentz, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, is supporting his local church's idea of a food truck to help spread the love of Christ in Philadelphia, titled, "Thy Kingdom Crumb."


Due Process? Do Something!

This morning, after more than a week of negotiations between Senate leadership and Ms. Christina Blasey Ford, the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, another accusation of sexual misconduct arises to delay the confirmation process for Kavanaugh. This time, even the New York Times recognized that an accusation with zero details, zero corroborating evidence, and zero supporting testimony has zero credibility.


10 New Testament Evidences for the Divinity of Jesus Christ

There are many evidences for the divinity of Jesus, both in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the Greek New Testament, but these are just a few examples that point us toward the understanding that Jesus is not simply a historical figure, a good teacher, or a prophet. He is much more than that!


Female Empowerment: Scarlett Dixon, Instagram, and the Power of a Positive Role Model

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Scarlett Dixon, has recently come under fire—along with so many others posting "picture perfect" lifestyles on Instagram. In an age of celebrity where the spotlight tends to be on women who are famous and glamorous, and who tend to be promoted by the media as "the ideal" to strive for, where does this leave impressionable young women in the process of establishing their own identities?