But... My Chains are Gold!

What color are your chains? I know, that's an odd way to open a dialogue, but I'm curious. Are they painted with pictures of your family or friends or co-workers? Are they green and flowery because you escape every weekend to hike and enjoy nature? Maybe they're traditional cold steel from sins we would all recognize, but refuse to talk about in conservative circles.


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True Face of Christianity

On a backdrop of Blackface bookended by a Green New Deal and a Red-faced President who refuses to release his tax returns a friend reposted a meme by "Tyrannowhale" that disparaged so-called Christians who crusade for total (dare I say mandatory?) prayer in school. As interesting as that idea may sound – every Christian will agree we really need God back in our schools – forcing prayer in school is wrong.


Tickle My Tribalistic Ears

If we can get past partisan politics, we will find compromise is the best approach. Why it takes us billions of dollars and months of arguments to figure that out is anyone's guess. I'm talking about the budget and "wall" debate. Here are the facts.


To heal, we must kneel

On one hand it is legal to kill babies – heartbeat and all, piece by piece, no less – but on the other it is immoral for the sovereign United States to protect her borders. On one hand it is ok to ignore the past sexual sins of our leaders, but on the other we expect capitulation for racial sins from 1984. On one hand we expect soldiers to serve for a pittance and suffer lifelong debt for it, while on the other we give free college to DREAMers and invite them into the halls of Government.


What New York's pink tower says to pro-lifers

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the most radical pro-abortion bill our country has seen in a very long time. The so-called "Reproductive Health Act" removes abortion and, get this, the murder of a pregnant woman's baby, from the state's criminal code.


MAGA: Make America Godly Again

Despite our many national problems and flaws and sins, America is still an amazing country. That's why our universities are filled with the smartest students from the nations. That's why our businesses and technologies help improve the quality of life around the globe. We remain the land of endless opportunity and we are a people of endless optimism.


Ron Reagan Jr, atheist

The other night late on television there was a brief ad with President Reagan's son touting the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRF), the "nation's largest, most effective association of atheists and agnostics," it boasts.


It's Christmas – Right?

As more and more stories emerge this year of the banning of all things Christ-like or Christmassy, you would be forgiven for thinking that the 1st Amendment really doesn't exist in America anymore and that we are living in the days of Oliver Cromwell or even the Holy Roman Empire once more!


Salvation Draws Nearer?

When the Apostle Paul told the Roman Christians that "our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed," (Rom. 13:11, NIV), was he implying that these believers were not yet saved, that they were only "nearer" to being saved?


Keeping It Real: Reclaiming Reality in 2019

As smart technologies and media platforms continue to proliferate, it is becoming increasingly difficulty to differentiate truth and reality from the fictional and fake. As 2018 draws to a rapid close, an analysis of how the culture has redefined reality seems fitting.


'It's a Wonderful Life': a Classic film with a Timeless Message

At this season of festivity and sentimentality, it's easy to forget that there are those who struggle emotionally and financially around Christmas. This film reminds us that despite the tragedies and broken dreams that life invariably dishes out, it's still a wonderful life.


Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: Whose gift matters most?

With Christmas on the horizon, children across the world are in a heightened state of anticipation over two central characters. Whether Jesus or Santa Claus has the pride of place in their hearts and homes depends on what they have been taught and the traditions they have practised since birth.


If men got pregnant

Personally I cannot fathom making the choice to murder my child for my own convenience. But that's because I am a man.