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Set Up Your Spiritual Game

While 2017 is now history, America seems fundamentally different nowadays. There's a lot of angst in our nation – and a great deal of apathy.


Pockets of resistance - but not the kind you think

While America burned at the hands of disgruntled, whiny young people who rioted in the streets this Veteran's Day weekend (if you believe the news), I had the opportunity to run into great pockets of resistance who were doing nothing of the sort. In this commentary, Christian Examiner's executive editor takes a look at a very different kind of resistance than one talked about following the contentious presidential election.


You voted in the election, but the choice was God's to make

Dr. Gregory Tomlin writes that God used the workings of both political parties to bring about His will in the 2016 presidential election. And though His seating of Donald Trump in the presidency may not be understood by all, that doesn't mean it wasn't so.


Southwestern Seminary president offers three different ways to vote for Hillary Clinton

Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, write of three different ways to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton. One may actually vote for her, write in a candidate who has no chance of winning, or simply not vote, her surmises. Or, in casting a vote for Donald Trump, something surprising might take place, he says.