The Necessity of Literality

I remember the first time I realized that God really will speak. It was about four decades ago. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Christian bookstore reading the foreword to a book I'd just purchased. The book was about the three major views on the Millennial Reign of Christ—amillennialism, postmillennialism and premillennialism. After reflecting on the pros and cons of each I asked in prayer, "Lord, which one of these is right?"


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Working with a Wellness Professional

If you're looking for solutions to health challenges, and are willing to make changes (not just take pills) you can experience well care. You want to work with a doctor/clinician who puts the responsibility back on your choices, and helps you make the necessary changes.


Six Ways the Bible is Like a Movie You've Never Seen

Considering going to the movies this week? You already have preconceptions about many of the films at the theater—and even opinions on the actors and director. And that's okay. It's one way we make daily choices—based on past information and experience. But how many of us pretend to have a "conclusion" about God, based on rumors and reviews? My hunch is that there's a dullness—based on conscious and subconscious wrong thinking—that keeps people away from the Bible.


Revelation Driven Churches: Marks, Risks and the Critical Need

Everywhere I go I hear people desperately crying out for the end of church as we know it. They can't deny that the Spirit of God is creating a disturbance, a dissatisfaction and a yearning for brand new wine. Pastors, please hear me. The Spirit-driven remnant that God is uniquely awakening to an end-time role will not be able to function in anything less than a raging furnace of intercession and extreme Holy Spirit activity in the church.


Am I a Soldier...

Today is Memorial Day. I am a veteran. I am a Marine. I respect everyone who served, good, bad, or ugly, and I respect organizations and functions that set aside time during their events this weekend and today to recognize the sacrifice of those we've lost.


Makeover vs Transformation

On the face of it, it may seem as if these terms are synonymous. Sometimes we get excited by changes, and seek out superficial change such as home or body makeovers. We crave losing weight at the beginning of the year, and tend to want to "spring clean" our homes at this time of the year, and focus on toning our bodies so they will be presentable for summer at the beach and in skimpy attire. However, real change, at a fundamental level, does not happen overnight.


Something about Time

I recently had the joy of attending a couple different family graduations, one for a nephew and another for a child. I always enjoy these celebrations of accomplishments, and I find them frequently reminding me that time well spent is truly a gift. It's a funny thing, time, in that once it's gone there is no getting it back.


The Best Use of the Human Body

According to research by the Mental Health Foundation, "one in five of the 4,505 adults surveyed (20 percent) felt shame over their body image." We need a shift in the way we think of our bodies, such that we consider them more in terms of functionality than presentability.


The Seed Sown

Imagine you are a seed. Your owner placed you carefully on the shelf in the cellar where you wouldn't get hurt or lost. He made sure not to place you too close to the shelf's edge. He didn't want you to fall off or get knocked off by accident. He placed you on a solid plank with no chips in the paint and no cracks in the wood. Then, he walked out, turned off the light and slowly closed the door to the cellar. Now it's just you, alone, sitting on the shelf all safe in the dark, wondering about life and the cosmos.


The painful insights only pain can give

Whether it's a mild headache or an agonizing bone fracture, pain performs the useful function of warning us that something is not right physically or emotionally. It is not something we get used to no matter how long we've had it, so the question arises – how do we deal with pain when it simply does not go away?