Underground Chinese church pastor dies at 88


You may not know the name Samuel Lamb, but he was a hero of the Christian faith for millions of believers inside and outside of China.

The Chinese pastor known as Samuel Lamb died Aug. 3. He was 88.

Throughout his ministry Lamb was targeted by the government because he refused to merge his illegal house church into the state-led Protestant Church.

Suffering played an import part in many of Lamb's sermons. He is famous for repeating 'More persecution, more growth'. According to Open Doors, that phrase had not only to do with numbers of believers, but also with spiritual growth. "I can understand Job's victories and Job's defeats. It taught me that grumbling does not help. Not against God, not against those who persecuted me. My dear wife died while I was in prison. I was not allowed to attend her funeral. It was like an arrow of the Almighty, until I understood: God allows the pain, the loss, the torture, but we must grow through it."

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