Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter laid to rest


Maria Sue Chapman, the 5-year-old daughter of Christian entertainer Steven Curtis Chapman was laid to rest Saturday, May 24, three days after she was killed in a tragic accident on the family's driveway. According to police, one of her teenage brothers accidentally hit Maria while backing out of the driveway in a SUV.

Maria Sue, the youngest adopted daughter of the Grammy Award-winning singer and wife Mary Beth, was honored with a two-hour memorial service at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville. The couple, along with their surviving children were all barefoot during the service as respect to the ground made holy by Maria's loss. The ceremony drew more than 1,500 mourners, according to the Tennessean.

The 17-year-old son who accidentally struck the little girl wore her pink security blanket around his neck throughout the emotional service according to People magazine. Standing in front of the tiny white coffin covered with pink flowers, the Chapman's took turns holding the young girls in their arms and embracing the son whose car hit Maria.

Chapman had read aloud Shaohannah's, 8-year-old, letter to God and Maria, asking for prayers for her brother because "he has been sobbing."

The family sang worship songs seeking comfort in their faith. "We had talked [with Maria] about what it meant to be with Jesus," said Chapman according to People magazine. "I had no idea how soon it was going to be, but we know she is in His amazing house, playing in the water."

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