Spirit West Coast event seeks volunteers


MONTEREY, Calif. — Spirit West Coast—Monterey is seeking volunteers for its Aug. 1 to 3 Christian music festival. While the musicians and speakers are the cornerstone of the summer event, its volunteers are the backbone.

In all, organizers need a team of about 800 people in 40 different service areas to make all aspects of the event—concerts, workshops, exhibit hall, sports and actions games, and VeggieLand—happen. All those serving are expected to adhere to the attributes of Romans 12:9-13.

Event producer Jon Robberson said that as a nonprofit, the festival operates much like a church, which is dependent upon its people to carry out the vision.

"It's really 'the people' who own the festival," he said.

Each volunteer will be scheduled to work 4.5 hours for each of the three days. Some assignments, including security, camp managers, electrical and information, production and video techs—require a nine-hour-a-day commitment.

"I continually hear back from volunteers that they get a real sense of spiritual reward from serving, and I can certainly understand that," Robberson said. "It's a real feeling of accomplishment when you've been part of the event team that provides an opportunity for hundreds of people to accept Jesus as their Savior."

Everyone who volunteers receives a SWC volunteer T-shirt and a full-event wristband. Volunteers must be at least 17 years old for most tasks. Teens 15 and older may work in VeggieLand. Those working in security must be 21 or older, while transportation workers must be at least 25.

The applicant fee for volunteers is $30 for those submitted online and $40 for those sent by mail. Prices will increase by $10 for applications submitted after June 12. Camping fees are not included in the volunteer fee and must be purchased separately through the box office.

Among the positions available are security, admission, merchandise sale, construction, interpreters, food service, golf cart management, camping helpers, medical, parking and traffic, public relations, ministry, shuttles, sports and recreation, ushers and transportation.

Since volunteers are interacting with the public, they are subject to a background check.

For more information, visit www.spiritwestcoast.org/volunteers.