Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte Cleared of Violations By Investigation, Will Return to NC Church

by Christian Examiner |

((Photo: Calvary Church))Dr John Munro, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina is seen in this file photo.

The Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. John Munro, has been cleared of violating the church's employee handbook, and will return to his church this Sunday.

Munro was placed on paid leave a number of weeks ago after he was accused of violating the employee handbook. However, a third party independent investigation has now cleared him of any violation.

It has been a tough time for Munro, who was also recently fired as a radio Bible teacher by Back to the Bible ministry for "inappropriate conduct and behavior."

Church elder Bill Bailey announced Sunday, "I wanted to let you know that after extensive analysis in the investigation report, multiple session meetings and extensive prayer, the session determined that the specific handbook violation alleged was not supported," according to Charlotte Observer.

Munro was not completely cleared of all fault, however, and the elder also revealed that the investigation did show Munro had used judgment not in accordance with the high expectations that church leaders are held to.

Munro also addressed the congregation, who gave him a standing ovation.

The pastor admitted he committed "an innocent error of judgment that while was neither unlawful nor sinful, failed to demonstrate the judgment the church expects of me."

"I thank God for my Godly wife who stood with me," Munro said. "We will testify that this ordeal has deepened our faith in Christ. We're not bitter against God, we're not bitter against people. ... Our love for each other as husband and wife has been deepened."

Munro will officially return as senior pastor Sept. 15, but will begin preaching only Sept. 21 due to his pre-planned travel schedule.