Season of prayer and fasting needed in advance of November's Call


God's Secret Weapon
Season of prayer and fasting needed in advance of November's Call
by George Runyan
In Luke 9:28-42 we read about Peter, James and John being invited by Jesus to join him for a meeting with Moses and Elijah. In that meeting they see Jesus glorified and hear the Father speak from Heaven. Inspired by the experience Peter has the brainstorm to build three temples for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. It is so hair-brained Jesus doesn't even respond. Meanwhile the other nine disciples are hanging out at a small town nearby. A man from the town whose young son is demonized comes to the disciples and asked them to cast the demon out of his son. They tried with all their religious fervor, but without success.

Soon Jesus and the other three disciples came down the mountain and met up with the nine, who by now are discouraged over their lack of success in delivering the young man. The father of the young man, also discouraged complained to Jesus saying: "I brought my son to your disciples and they could not deliver him." Jesus also was frustrated saying "O' faithless and perverse generation, how long must I put up with you"?

Jesus said to the man, "bring your son here." Immediately Jesus cast out the demon and the young man was set free to the delight of the father and to the amazement of the townsfolk, but also to the bewilderment of the disciples who had asked Jesus "why couldn't we cast the demon out?"

Jesus begins to explain to His disciples that, "This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting." Revealed here are a number of very important lessons we need to consider and act upon:

1. The mountain speaks of the power of the kingdom of God manifested in the glorification of Jesus, which took place in His resurrection.

2. As the Lord was being revealed in power, the disciples were sleeping, but when they awoke, they saw the glory of God.

3. Peter wanted to build a building in honor of the three, but God wanted the disciples to hear Jesus and obey His instructions.

4. The other nine disciples are trying to do the works of Jesus without the power of Jesus.

5. The father of the young man represents a society out of control, and without any answers to their overwhelming problems.

6. The young son represents a demonized society and a generation that is in need of deliverance from Satan's grip.

7. God's secret weapon is "prayer and fasting." Jesus understood what was needed.

In 2008 the church of the Lord Jesus has very little influence upon the American society. It is known as "a religious institution," but not known for having the power to change conditions and bring the needed deliverance. Secular humanism is the dominate influence on the culture of our day. Christians are seen as standing in the way of a progressive society. Sexual perversion reigns in the hearts and minds of people. The murder of children in the womb has become a cornerstone of selfish and uncontrolled desires for many. The religious influence we see in the high places like Hollywood is manifested in cult and occult practices.

It is time for the church to activate God's secret weapon.

A call to act
There is a move of God's Holy Spirit calling the church to prayer and fasting. One manifestation of this move is in "The Call"—led by Lou Engle. The first Call gathering took place in the year 2000 on the Capital Plaza in Washington D.C. with more than 400,000 people in attendance. Since then, stadiums have been filled with thousands of God's people consecrating themselves to prayer and fasting. Mark your calendars for an all day of prayer and fasting with Lou Engle and The Call team in San Diego, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Nov. 1 in Qualcomm Stadium. This is a call to prayer for all California and the West Cost. 

This is not merely a prayer "event." This is designed to enhance a prayer culture. The timing is critical as we face one of the most important elections in American history. San Diego has a unique opportunity Nov. 1 to lead the nation with God's secret weapon as we humble ourselves before our King, asking for His mercy and grace to be manifested to this generation.

Runyon is the founder of San Diego City Church ministries, whose purpose is to support and encourage unity among the community's spiritual leaders with an eye toward removing barriers to fruitful living and kingdom service. For more information, visit

Published, June 2008