Pregnancy resource centers counter Planned Parenthood claims


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Life Decisions International, a pro-life organization that defends the work of pregnancy-care centers nationally, has launched "Project Fight Back" to counter negative publicity generated by Planned Parenthood.

"We're collecting stories of women who went to crisis-pregnancy centers and had a great experience and would certainly go there again if they needed to go there again," said Doug Scott, president of Life Decisions International.

According to Life Decisions, more than a thousand pregnancy-resource centers operate in the United States by working to serve women and save babies. The centers offer a variety of services from pregnancy testing to ultrasounds. They also help women in crisis pregnancies to find resources such as housing, supplies and counseling. As part of their basic philosophy, the centers offer life-affirming alternatives.

In recent years, facing competition from the centers, Planned Parenthood and other abortion agencies have sued the pregnancy centers, often accusing the pro-life centers of handing out misleading and medically inaccurate information about abortion, and luring women through false pretenses.

"The primary reason that Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation and other organizations like them are attacking crisis-pregnancy centers is so they can get women to go to Planned Parenthood rather than to go to PRCs, where they can actually get real help," he said.

The suits are forcing the centers to spend their limited resources on legal fees instead of helping their pregnant clients. Joining in the chorus is U.S. Rep Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat who has introduced the "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act," which would require the Federal Trade Commission to apply "truth-in-advertising" standards to "fake abortion clinics."

Anticipating that the pregnancy-care centers will be the subject of a congressional hearing because of the bill, Life Decisions is seeking personal stories from women who have been helped by pregnancy-care centers. The personal accounts will be presented to Congress and used for other publicity purposes. Only the writer's first name and last initial will be used.

"This time, pro-life advocates will not stand silently by while the enemies of life attack the good work and good people of pregnancy help centers," Scott said in a news release.

 "The difference between our campaign and that of Planned Parenthood is our insistence that every word submitted be completely true. No exaggerations. No taking events, words or deeds out of context. Nothing but the absolute, God-honoring truth."

Scott said the campaign is about more than just defending the centers.

"We want to put Planned Parenthood on the defensive," he said. "We want to tell the truth about the wonderful work done by pregnancy help centers. We want to open the eyes of the public to the horror that is Planned Parenthood. And we want to make the Planned Parenthood hierarchy regret the day they first began their campaign of lies against pregnancy help centers."

The goal is to send the stories to Congress to counter claims from abortion activists that the Christian centers "lure unsuspecting women into anti-abortion propaganda."