Musician Molly Jenson's song tapped for national 'Freshman Survival Kit'


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Ever since she was a youngster singing in the choir, Molly Jenson has loved music. Even now as she inches closer to the release of her first album next spring, Jenson looks back fondly to her freshman year and the salve she found through special songs she calls anthems—the kind you play over and over and over.

"When I was a freshman, I listened to a lot of music," she said. "Music has been a huge part of my life, helping me to get through some of those issues."

While the prospect of starting college can be an invigorating time for teens on the threshold of adulthood, it also brings a range of emotions and issues, fresh responsibilities, juggling a social life with class work, meeting new friends, and adjusting parental relationships.

It can be flat-out overwhelming.

Jenson, a Californian, said she hopes her new song, "Give It Time," will help those in transition, especially freshmen. About 75,000 freshmen will have an opportunity to decide for themselves, thanks to a partnership with her label and Passalong, an online music provider, which had developed a Freshman Survival Kit to be distributed to colleges across the country. The students will be able to download her song online for free. The students will be able to download her song online for free.

"I loved the idea," Jenson said. "I love college students. I was a college student. Obviously I want people to hear my music, but if I can help them get through their first year, all the better."

Jenson said the song is a perfect fit for people in the midst of struggles.

"'Give It Time' is about not running away from problems," she said. "I wrote it when I wanted to run away from an issue I was dealing with. Hopefully the song will end up being one of those anthems."

Mark Joseph, founder of Bully! Pulpit Records, which is releasing Jenson's debut CD, "Maybe Tomorrow," in partnership with Nettwerk Music Group, said he's eager for students to hear her work.

"The first year of college can be a time of great change and turmoil in one's life," he said. "We're hoping that Molly's music will help with the transition."

The project was also praised by Passalong co-founder and CEO Dave Jaworski.

"We're pleased to work with Molly and Bully! Pulpit/Nettwerk," Jaworski said. "She's a real talent."

The song will be featured on her debut CD, scheduled for release on March 3. Among the cuts will be a song she co-wrote and sang with Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, another Southern California product. Jenson, a Christian who has served on worship teams over the years, is modeling her approach after the successful band which has found a niche outside of the Christian music industry.

"I really respect the way they go about it," she said. "They are Christians by faith, but not by genre."

While describing Jenson's music as "down-to-earth," a recent profile in Vanguard Review said that Jenson's songs about everyday life and the ability to relate to the audience makes "seeing Jenson live a privilege."