Indonesia Implements Ban on ISIS Support as Jihadist Group Continues Atrocities in Iraq

by Christian Examiner |

((Photo: Reuters/Ralph Orlowski))A protester holds a placard against Islamic State (IS) militants during a demonstration August 9, 2014.

Indonesia has banned its citizens and companies from supporting Islamist terrorist group ISIS, in a move to back the international community's sidelining of the Jihadist group.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as simply "Islamic State", has been responsible for the murder of thousands in Iraq over recent months, and are carrying out a systematic slaughter of Christians as well as other religious minorities in the Middle Eastern country.

The news is significant as Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, and the nation's citizens make up more than 10 percent of the globe's Islamic community.

The move from Indonesia has come amid a recruitment drive by ISIS, looking for Jihadist sympathizers willing to join their cause in Syria and Iraq.

Indonesia's Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto said in a statement that ISIS poses a threat to the country's religious and cultural diversity.

He said, "The government rejects and bans the teachings of ISIS […] from growing in Indonesia. It [ISIL] is not in line with state ideology, Pancasila, or the philosophy of kebhinekaan [diversity] under the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia."

ISIS has been active in various Muslim communities across the globe, with its sympathizers seem handing out recruitment leaflets in locations in Indonesia, as well as western cities such as London, England.

In July, ISIS uploaded a video to YouTube calling for Indonesians to join their war against non-Muslims.

In the video an ISIS leader can be seen asking: "We ask you, where's your faith? Why are you worried? What's the reason for your fear? Are your wives and children the reason that you're prevented from jihad?"