Georgia districts add Bible curriculum


GREENSBORO, N.C. (CN) — Seven Georgia public school districts have voted to adopt the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public School's elective Bible curriculum, "The Bible in History and Literature," since the passage of a recent state law.

Last year, the Georgia General Assembly passed legislation encouraging public schools to offer an elective course that teaches both the Old and the New Testaments in the context of history and literature, using the Bible as the primary textbook.

"We are pleased that many districts are already taking action to implement the recommendations of the legislature. State and local leaders are right to acknowledge that teaching about the Bible is an important component of any well-rounded education," said Elizabeth Ridenour, the council's president. 

"This curriculum meets all the applicable Constitutional guidelines and has assisted thousands of students in their pursuit of academic excellence and cultural literacy."

According to council officials, the curriculum has been implemented in more than 380 school districts (1,500 high schools) in 37 states, since its launch in 1994. An estimated 190,000 students have already taken the elective course for credit. The curriculum uses the Bible as its textbook, and includes a 300-page teachers' guide.

As part of its promotions, the council emphasizes that the course has never been legally challenged because it "presents the Bible objectively, as part of the regular program of public school education." 

For more information about the curriculum or how to have it implemented in a local school district, visit or call 1-877-ON BIBLE.

Published, May 2007