Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Follow God's Word in Its Entirety, Not Ignore Unpopular Parts

by Christian Examiner |

In his call for Christians in America to stand for biblical values despite social opposition, Graham insisted that "Heaven is not for cowards!"

He was exhorting his position in a new column published in the July-August edition of Decision magazine.

Graham, who is the head of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote: "Christians cannot ignore parts of God's Word because they are unpopular or cause division. Our commission is to proclaim Christ and all He stands for.

"This is what the church's presence in the world is all about. We cannot sincerely proclaim the truth of God's love while ignoring what He hates, and God hates sin."

For social issues, Graham urged Christians to make a firm and biblical stand on abortion and homosexuality.

He wrote, "We are soldiers in God's army, and we cannot stand down on biblical issues out of fear of being labeled a homophobe or judge.

"People make judgments every day. The world's system passes judgments accepted by governments and citizens. But the world considers Christian judgment to be biased, judgmental and intolerant."