Stay Vigilant, My Friend

"To stay relevant with the rapidly changing culture in the US, we need to adapt less stringent practices, else our church will die." Is that a bad thing, really? I mean, is it better to compromise true beliefs and live or maintain your integrity and expire?

$Money-$Money-$Money-$Money. $$Money!

The Wall Street Journal recently released a piece by journalists Christopher M. Matthews and Rebecca Elliott detailing the ancillary effects of the oil boom in the Permian Basin. According to the article, hotel chains in the Basin are charging over $500 per night for a room that normally runs $69. Restaurants and bars are charging $600 to reserve a table for one meal and barbers accept $60 facilitation payments to move a patron to the front of the line.

The Case of Jussie Smollett and the 'Antihero' Culture

In just 22 days from January 29 when he filed his assault claim, up to February 20 when he was charged, Smollett went from being the sympathetic victim of a racist, homophobic attack – a victim who resisted courageously his intended lynching – to an alleged criminal who masterminded a terrible fraud on the Chicago police and the American public. How quickly the pendulum can swing from being someone who is highly esteemed in the public eye to someone who loses their social standing, career and reputation. The court of public opinion is very fickle.

Quick to Listen, Slow to Act

How does a Christian respond to someone who claims to have been wronged by the Church, or for whom the Church has failed them?

United We Stand

Ok, so here's the thing. We're a divided nation. That's nothing new, seriously. Our social media-loving, 24-hour-news-cycle-watching, Tweeting and Instagramming selves do not have a monopoly on a divided United States.

Moral High Ground

You know how social media is. For some people it is removed just enough from society to let them let loose without really worrying about reality, truth, stuff like that. For others it's like an uber enabler, that little devil that sits on one's shoulder whispering, "Go for it!"

The Awards Worth Pursuing

How well we respond to receiving or being denied an award depends largely on what drives our desire for excellence.

Once For All

By all accounts, this year's Oscars were standard "Hollywood love thyself" fare. One notable exception is the conduct of renowned director Spike Lee, who tried to storm out of the theater after losing to "Green Book," but was forced to return to his seat. Spike Lee, who identifies as Christian yet rejects the idea of God, is representative of typical Christianity in these United States.