One more time!

"Mess up. Screw up. Of course you did. You always do. Typical. Idiot. Mistake." These are messages that live in my brain.

Spiritual Resistance to Walking with God

If God is the source of power and we are the ones who need that power and strength, then walking with God is like being plugged into Him. Our walk with God is the wire, our connection to the source of power. But along that route there is resistance. This resistance reduces the power, strength, blessings, and joy that we get from God.

Top Christian Leadership Books on Calling and Stewardship

Christian leaders are called to be good stewards of their time, talents and treasures. This brief list of top Christian books for leaders will help influencers quickly unlock a deeper understanding of leadership in areas such as God's calling, fundraising and financial stewardship.




Marriage and the Nature of God

One of the most amazing and beautiful facts about the union of the woman and the man is that marriage portrays the Holy Trinity. I think this is a part of why marriage leads some to faith; it reflects the unity, the love, and the pillar of authority which are all revealed in the Trinity. Others will see our unity and love, and will know Christ.