Fly, Little Bird. Fly!

As parents we want the best for our children. We try to instill in them the sense of worth we see in them. We tell them of their potential and help them reach it. We give them goals and we pick them up when they miss the bar. We teach them of the love of God and we temper their strong will.

Stay Vigilant, My Friend

"To stay relevant with the rapidly changing culture in the US, we need to adapt less stringent practices, else our church will die." Is that a bad thing, really? I mean, is it better to compromise true beliefs and live or maintain your integrity and expire?

$Money-$Money-$Money-$Money. $$Money!

The Wall Street Journal recently released a piece by journalists Christopher M. Matthews and Rebecca Elliott detailing the ancillary effects of the oil boom in the Permian Basin. According to the article, hotel chains in the Basin are charging over $500 per night for a room that normally runs $69. Restaurants and bars are charging $600 to reserve a table for one meal and barbers accept $60 facilitation payments to move a patron to the front of the line.

Moral High Ground

You know how social media is. For some people it is removed just enough from society to let them let loose without really worrying about reality, truth, stuff like that. For others it's like an uber enabler, that little devil that sits on one's shoulder whispering, "Go for it!"