Alleged Dayton shooter said he was 'going to hell and not coming back,' liked tweets about El Paso shooting hours prior to his spree

by Victor Wilson, |
Ned Peppers Bar after 2019 Dayton shooting. | Photo: Becker1999/Flickr

Alleged Dayton shooter Connor Betts posted as his Twitter bio that, "I'm going to hell and I'm not coming back," and liked tweets about the El Paso shooting hours before unleashing his own shooting spree, killing nine and wounding several others on Sunday. He was killed by police in less than a minute after his attack started.

Among the victims was his own sister, 22-year-old Megan.

Several red flags were raised by former classmates and other social media posts as Betts allegedly referenced "absolute carnage," "bloody massacre," and "all must be annihilated." The shooting came just hours after an El Paso gunman killed 22 people at a Texas Walmart.

Vigil prayers were held the night of the attack, with nine doves released to symbolize the nine lives of the victims. Vigil prayer gatherings continue to be held around the country.

On social media, Betts had also hailed Satan, according to several publications.