29 Life-Changing Christian Quotes to Wake Up Your Soul: Time

by Victor Wilson, |

10. "Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. It is not enough to just say relationships are important; we must prove it by investing time in them. Words alone are worthless. "My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action." Relationships take time and effort, and the best way to spell love is "T-I-M-E."

? Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

One of the easiest actions you can take right now to affirm your love for someone—a friend, a family member, even an enemy—is to start spending time with that person. Who can you endeavor to spend more time with today?

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