Apologists explain weeping and gnashing of teeth, how heaven is like "hell" for unbelievers (video)

by Victor Wilson, |
Photo: RZIM

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Heaven is like "hell" for unbelievers, states apologist Ravi Zacharias in an online video recently published by his international ministry.

The YouTube video about hell, published in June, has garnered over 140,000 views.

Titled, "If God is Just, Then Why Give Eternal Punishment for Temporal Sin?" the video features prominent apologist Zacharias along with contemporary Vince Vitale sharing some of their stories and explanations to help the audience, a group of open forum attendees at the University of Florida, grasp the concepts of hell and eternal punishment.

A core tenet of pastAmerican preachers, the existence of hell has been a worrying question for those immersed in popular culture.

Here is the full video featuring the apologists explaining more about the topic of hell: