World Changers of Florida to sue Orange County School Board

by Vanessa Rodriguez, |

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (Christian Examiner) -- This week, Florida's Orange County School District voted 7-1 to prohibit the distribution of religious materials in its schools.

The school board's previous policy allowed Christian organizations like World Changers of Florida and the Florida Family Policy Council to make Bibles available to interested students.

That policy was challenged in years passed when the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sued for the right to distribute books and pamphlets that included a brochure intended to discredit the Bible called "An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible," Christian Examiner reported.

Then last year a Satanic group requested -- and was granted -- permission to also distribute coloring books with satanic symbols and rituals. The materials led to parent outrage and thrust the issue into the media.

Now The OCSD's new policy will allow the continued distribution of materials from outside groups like the YMCA and other clubs on school campuses but will prohibit any materials that are considered religious, political or sectarian, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Student-led organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is unaffected by the new policy and still permitted to distribute materials,MyNews13 reported.

"It's just disruptive to the education environment. We simply believe that religious instruction belongs in the church or belongs in the home – not in the public school," Orange County School Chairman Bill Sublette told the news station.

World Changers of Florida, reportedly plans to sue for their right to continue to distribute Bibles and will be represented by The Liberty Counsel, an Orlando-based nonprofit litigation group that works to advancing religious freedom.

The Liberty Counsel previously represented the organization on the same grounds in 2009 when Collier County School District prohibited their distribution of religious materials on school grounds. In 2010, A federal judge entered a Consent Decree that overturned CCSB's decision to prohibit World Changers from giving out religious materials.


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