What will Jesus' return look like to media saturated, hyper-connected world?

by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Contributor |
Thousands of people attend the Jesus Parade in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 4, 2015. The parade unites Christians and Evangelical churches in a public expression of faith, praising and worshipping Jesus Christ. | Photo: Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

A Baptist pastor studying eschatology explored how the return of Jesus Christ to earth will look in today's "media saturated, hyper connected society."

Andrew Roycroft, who leads Millisle Baptist Church in Northern Ireland, revealed on his blog that he spent a significant amount of time in 2018 reading, thinking and praying about the teachings in the Bible about Jesus Christ's return to Earth.

He suggested that there are some modern phenomena, such as that of the global audience, to consider when thinking about the end times.

"Our great great grandparents' generation would have had no categories for seeing anything beyond their immediate environment, their own community or nation — and the idea of being able to see something 'live' from another place entirely would have carried the flavor of time travel," Roycroft pointed out.

"Even in my lifetime it has been fascinating to watch the development of technology so that we no longer have the halting, time-lagged satellite connections which newsreaders (and viewers) once had to endure, but now enjoy instant relays of people and places in 'real time' (which is decidedly unreal in a non-technological sense)."

The pastor noted that in Revelation 1:7 in the Bible, the apostle John records that "every eye will see Him (Christ), even those who pierced Him, and all the tribes of the earth will wail on account of Him."

He reflected that what is "spellbinding" about that description is "not only the unthinkable idea that everyone, everywhere, at once will see Him, but also that Christ's coming will be moment and meaning simultaneously.

"When the tribes of the earth see the coming Christ there will be no confusion about his identity, no doubt about his authority, nor any dissenting from the reality of his judgement — what a stunning image of the sovereign Savior," he continued.

"The coming of Christ will resist all analysis, but will compel every tongue: related to this universal and inescapable appearance is the sustained response which it will elicit from a watching world. Ours is a day of hyper communication, and fragmented analysis," Roycroft wrote.

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