War Room's Karen Abercrombie puts on wig, make-up for: 'An evening with Miss Clara'

by Michael Foust, Guest Reviewer |

LYNCHBURG, Va. (Christian Examiner) – If you've seen the hit movie "War Room," you've seen Karen Abercrombie – sort of.

Abercrombie played Miss Clara, the central character in the movie who teaches those around her to be prayer warriors.

War Room was the No. 1 movie for two weeks in September, but even though Miss Clara's picture was seen on movie posters and now DVD covers, Abercrombie has yet to be recognized in public for her popular role.

Not even once.

That's the "magic" of makeup artists, who made Abercrombie look 30 years older than she actually is.

"I look totally different," Abercrombie told the Christian Examiner. "... No, people don't recognize me, and that's good."

Abercrombie's breakout role was in "War Room," and that led to a spot in her latest film, "God's Compass," which is set to be released on DVD May 3 and was filmed in partnership with Liberty University's Cinematic Arts department and WTA Group. TC Stallings, who also starred in "War Room," also is in the new film.

Abercrombie in recent weeks also debuted a 90-minute solo production called "An Evening with Miss Clara," in which she puts the makeup and wig back on and gives viewers in churches and other ministries an inspiring show with the famous character.

"The response has been amazing," Abercrombie said.

The Christian Examiner spoke recently with Abercrombie about "War Room" and her latest film. Following is a transcript, edited for clarity:

Christian Examiner: How has your life changed since "War Room" – not only your career but also perhaps spiritually?

Karen Abercrombie: It was amazing, on many levels and for many reasons. We started each day with prayer, and everybody ate breakfast together – from the crossing guard to the actors to the director. Everybody was always on the same level; no one was favored for another. Then, we would take turns sharing Scripture, every morning. Also, while we were shooting, there were different groups and churches praying for us. We filmed the entire movie under prayer. Miss Clara was a powerful, powerful prayer warrior. Previously, I had thought I was really praying, but I realized that I was only scraping the surface of prayer.

CE: When the movie opened on its first weekend and it was number two, and then it jumped to number one in its second weekend – what were your emotions?

Abercrombie: The whole thing was amazing. The script was a beautiful script. Intentions by those on the set were pure. I can't say that I was so surprised. God is moving and is showing His hand in incredible ways. I can't say that I was surprised, but I can say that I was overwhelmed by His mercy and His grace and His gifting, allowing me the opportunity to be a part of some groundbreaking work.

CE: How did you get involved in "God's Compass"?

Abercrombie: I had worked with some people on "War Room" who were involved in that movie, and they just offered me the role. As soon I read the script, I was like, "Here we go again. Thank-you God." The story was right where I was in my life, at the moment. It is about a woman who is retiring as a high school principal, and her husband has passed away and she is wondering what she is going to do with the rest of her life. And then she has to trust God to do something completely out of the box. She learns that God can use her at any age and stage of your life. We all have something to give to others.

To contact Abercrombie about "An Evening With Miss Clara," visit KarenAbercrombie.com. For more information about God's Compass, visit GodsCompassTheMovie.com.