Walmart, Aldi most faith-friendly groceries, survey says

by Michael Foust, Guest Reviewer |

RALEIGH, N.C. (Christian Examiner) – Walmart is the most faith-friendly grocery and Aldi is a close second, according to new rankings released Tuesday by Faith Driven Consumer.

The rankings are part of the FDC's Faith Equality Index, which measures on a 100-point scale whether businesses welcome, embrace and celebrate consumers of faith, according to a press release. All total, 360 businesses were rated.

"Because our polling demonstrates [faith consumers] will switch from their current brand to a more faith-compatible brand, this new information directly translates into higher sales for brands with better scores — affording them an edge in the race for Christmas consumer spending," said Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer.

Walmart scored a 51 and Aldi a 47. They were followed by:

  • Trader Joe's: 40
  • Publix: 40
  • Target: 39
  • Wegmans: 35
  • Kroger: 29
  • Whole Foods: 24
  • Safeway: 24

Released in early November, the Faith Equality Index was the first of its kind and was considered a counter to the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, which ranks gay-friendly companies.

Faith Driven Consumer on Tuesday also released its rankings for bulk retailers. Sam's Club (51) finished first, followed by BJ's (37) and Costco (23).