Victor Marx leads 'high-risk missions' to internally displaced people in Iraq

by Kelly Ledbetter, |
Victor Marx via Facebook

MURRIETA, Calif. (Christian Examiner) – Victor Marx led a high-risk mission to northern Iraq where ISIS has been systematically persecuting an ethnic and religious minority people called the Yazidis.

In an interview with CBN News, Marx speaks about the Yazidis' desperate need for relief from violence at the hands of ISIS. In particular, the terrorist group has captured and kidnapped Yazidi girls as sex slaves.

The former U.S. Marine and founder of All Things Possible Ministries, which reaches abused and troubled youth around the world, held the hand of a girl who had been freed from sexual exploitation only four days previously.

Marx said the single most frequent comment he hears when he tells people that the girls are sometimes raped 30 times in one morning is, "They look like our children."

He and his team ministered to and prayed with the displaced Yazidis, who are extremely hard to reach because of their proximity to ISIS and the difficulty of travel.

About a week after his interview, Marx posted an update about the Yazidis on his Facebook page.

"I have spoken with our contacts who are up on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq where thousands of Yazidi had to flee ISIS." he wrote. "I have been asked could we help provide food/milk ASAP because of the great need for the children."

Marx had no idea how to feed the children he'd met and carried a burden for. But food was provided through God's miraculous provision for the Yazidi people.

"Within one week of this conversation and after I was on CBN network just a few days ago a person contacted me by email and said they wanted to donate to us over 280,000 thousand pre-made packaged meals!" Marx said. "I was burdened and praying to God of how is this to be done!"

He asked for donations to transport the donated food to the Yazidi children, praising God for His compassion.

"I want to be in heaven, I will tell you, but until He comes or calls me Home, we are privileged to serve Him by helping others now," Marx wrote.