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Syrians reported starving to death in Madaya

Unverified reports from Madaya, a town under siege and surrounded by land mines, say as many as 40 people have died from starvation since December. Children are said to have lost limbs from mines while out gathering firewood and grass to eat.

Is there a link between cleanliness & godliness in the Bible?

Despite the popularity of minimalist living, manifested in the amazing popularity of Marie Kondo\'s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a primer on home organization, some Christians question whether the association between cleanliness and godliness can really be found in the Bible.

'Pink Sisters' aim for 100 more years of continuous prayer

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, a cloistered order of nuns more commonly known as the \"Pink Sisters\" for the color of their habits, celebrated 100 years of continuous prayer on Dec. 8—but fear they may not attain their goal of another century of prayer.

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