Vampires, zombies cool in Hollywood, but Christians seen as 'dunces'

by Michael Foust, Guest Reviewer |

LOS ANGELES (Christian Examiner) – More than 30 percent of Republicans believe Hollywood portrays Christianity in a negative light, according to a new survey that showed few Democrats share the same opinion.

The poll by Barna asked Americans of both parties: "What is your opinion of Hollywood's treatment of Christianity?" A total of 32 percent of Republicans said Hollywood portrays Christians negatively, compared to 5 percent of Democrats who said the same. The survey was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter and was commissioned by PureFlix to accompany its release on DVD of God's Not Dead 2.

Pat Boone, who stars in the movie, told THR that the survey's results did not surprise him.

"Christianity imposes restrictions on behavior, even in movies," Boone said. "Hollywood doesn't like it when people tell them to stick to moral rules because it makes a lot of money breaking those rules. Orgies, vampires, zombies, debauchery of all forms. Anything goes, and it is liberal Democrats who are making these films. Depravity is profitable."

Boone said he recently was offered a role in a film where he'd play a Christian who was "a heathen, money-grubbing hypocrite."

"This happens all the time," Boone told THR. "They tried to utilize my good image to skewer people of faith. They portray us as dunces."