Texas defunds Planned Parenthood for its 'barbaric practices'

by Kelly Ledbetter, |
An activist holds a rosary while rallying against abortion outside City Hall in Los Angeles, California September 29, 2015. U.S. Congressional Republicans on Tuesday challenged Planned Parenthood's eligibility for federal funds, while the health organization's president said defunding it would restrict women's access to care and disproportionately hurt low-income patients. | REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

AUSTIN, Texas (Christian Examiner) – The series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood for trafficking of the body parts of aborted babies has renewed fundamental questions about the value of human life in America—a position on which the state of Texas has made itself clear.

"The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end," said Greg Abbott, the state governor, according to LifeSiteNews.

"As such, ending the Medicaid participation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas is another step in providing greater access to safe health care for women while protecting our most vulnerable – the unborn," Abbott added.

In a letter to Planned Parenthood, Stuart Bowen Jr., the Inspector General in the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, clearly stated the reasons that funding would be cut.

"The state has determined that you and your Planned Parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent safe, legal and ethical manner," the Oct. 19 letter read.


Specifically referencing the videos, the state said Planned Parenthood risked the health and wellbeing of women by altering medical procedures and disregarding safety standards.

"Earlier this year, you committed and condoned numerous acts of misconduct captured on video that reveal repeated program violations and breach the minimum standards of care required of a Medicaid enrollee," the letter continued.

The fifth undercover video released by the Center for Medial Progress showed Planned Parenthood's director of research Melissa Farrell agreeing to alter the abortion process to keep the body of the aborted baby more "intact."

Farrell said she was willing to learn to dissect babies. "I know it's sickening on some level, but it's fun," LifeSiteNews quotes Farrell in the video, part of which was filmed at a Houston Planned Parenthood clinic.

The letter also addresses Planned Parenthood's claims that cutting its funding harms women who have no alternative healthcare.

"Your termination and that of all your affiliates will not affect access to care in this state, because there are thousands of alternate providers in Texas, including federally qualified health centers, Medicaid-certified rural health clinic, and other health care providers across the State that participate in the Texas Women's Health Program and Medicaid," Bowen points out.

Proud of Texas's stand against Planned Parenthood, Abbott praised the state's "unyielding commitment to both protecting life and providing women's health services."