Starnes: The Establishment will try to destroy Ted Cruz

by Todd Starnes / Fox News, Guest Columnist |

Ted Cruz wants to be our next president. And he made his case at the stroke of midnight on Twitter, in less than a 140 characters.

The senator officially launched his campaign at Liberty University today. It's a smart move - there's no better place to mobilize evangelical voters than Liberty.

But I believe the senator's biggest opposition will come not from Democrats, but from Establishment Republicans. I'm talking about you, Karl Rove and John McCain.

Remember when McCain called us "wacko birds"? Establishment Republicans loathe evangelical Christians. That's the cold hard truth. They want our votes, not our values - and they sure has heck don't want their nominee to be a gun-toting, Baptist Bible-clinger.

But there's another cold hard truth for Karl Rove and John McCain to consider: They may not like us, but they can't win without us.

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