Spring break alcohol ban pits residents against 'hospitality industry' worker

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
Drunkenness and violence during spring break at Panama City Beach, Florida, finally reached a point in 2015 that city leaders decided to take action. | FOX News/screen capture

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (Christian Examiner) -- The city council in Panama City Beach, Florida, voted May 12 to ban alcohol from its beaches each March, the height of spring break season. The law takes effect next year, according to Fox News Insider.

During a special called meeting, council members unanimously approved the ban and heard a number of additional proposals to curb violence and curtail drunken brawls by teens and young adults who flock to the town for sun and fun.

The effort to clean up the beach town's negative image comes after a house party shooting in March left seven injured and a reported gang rape happened in broad day light in April.

According to the News Herald, other preventative measures include the closure of bars at 2 a.m.; prohibiting open alcoholic beverage containers in commercial parking lots unless under the control of the business; and no parking on rights of way. These received preliminary approval and will be voted on during the next council meeting.

The ban on drinking on the beach was celebrated by area homeowners. However, bars and restaurants strongly opposed the ordinance claiming the beach town was at peril of losing $200 million.


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