Rubio campaign denies reports candidate is quitting race before Florida vote

by Gregory Tomlin, |
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio speaks at a campaign event in Waverly, Iowa, United States, January 18, 2016. | REUTERS/Jim Young

TALLAHASSEE (Christian Examiner) – Sen. Marco Rubio's campaign has denied the second report this week that the candidate's campaign is collapsing and he will withdraw from the presidential race before the Florida primary March 15, Breitbart has reported.

According to the source, Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino, those close to Rubio claim he is in desperate need of good news in the polls. If he doesn't receive it, his donors will likely press him to drop out of the race to avoid the embarrassment of losing his home state to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Rubio remains a distant second to Trump in the latest Florida polls.

Still, Rubio campaign manager Alex Conant said Rubio is "100 percent committed to winning Florida" and will be on the debate stage before the primary in the Sunshine State.

Conant earlier this week also categorized a CNN report that said Rubio was leaving the race as "100 percent false." The report was based on reports of internal strife in the campaign.

Fox Business reported the strife resulted from a debate between donors, who have continued to fund Rubio in spite of the fact he has only won a single state – Minnesota. On March 8, Rubio did not gain a single delegate in Michigan, Mississippi, Hawaii or Idaho.