Praying through the Storm: 36 Hurricane-Related Bible Verses and Prayers You Can Say Right Now

by Victor Wilson, |
Hurricane Harvey Flooding and Damage | Jill Carlson ( / FLICKR

Read, pray and share these 36 hurricane-related Bible verses to encourage, uplift, and restore yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors - no matter how near or far away they may be.

A hurricane can be a life-threatening and devastating event for a community.  Loved ones are lost, people are displaced from their homes and businesses, infrastructure damage can amount to billions of dollars in costs.

There are more than a dozen hurricanes that strike the United States mainland every decade.  In recent weeks, two major storms impacted Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and the surrounding regions.  Full recovery from these storms may take months and even years.

As Christians, we believe that prayer changes the world around us.  We should always be praying, especially during turbulent times such as this.  Pray through the following simple prayers with us, and we believe God will use your prayers to spiritually soothe those who are suffering now due to these hurricanes.