One bedtime habit that can likely strengthen your marriage

by Victor Wilson, |

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. – Mark 10:9

Biblical marriages are meant to be thriving relationships in which a wife lovingly submits to her husband, and a husband loves his wife and gives himself up for her, just as Christ loves the church. And marriages must always be strong in the Lord, never to be put asunder.

Establishing this one practical bedtime habit may help Christians strengthen their marriages. Put the best family photos directly beside the bed. These could be in the form of a wedding album, Shutterfly prints, phone photo printouts, etc. The point is, these must be photos of joyful times spent together as a family – pictures of husband and wife on a date, mother and kids enjoying a day trip, individual portraits taken at landmarks, and group photos of the whole family all work well for this purpose. Look at 100 or so pictures while allowing oneself to drift off into peaceful sleep. As this habit is developed, these photos will be ingrained in one's heart. When times are tough, mentally recall favorite photos – this one simple habit will help motivate Christian couples, especially at tough times!

BONUS TIP: Make sure the photos are physically printed out, and turn off your phone before practicing this routine (if possible, put it in another room before bed)! This will allow one to be fully focused on recalling favorite family moments. Visualization of future enjoyable times together can also help!