New mom Carrie Underwood to release new album with 'sweet' baby sounds

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
In a music video published on Nov 6, 2014, Carrie Underwood sings about her faith, conversion and baptism. | Vevo: Sony Music Entertainment

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (Christian Examiner) -- Carrie Underwood became a first time mom in February and so it's no surprise the "magic" of family life will be featured in the new studio album from the country music star and Christian believer.

The release debuts a new sound for the 32-year-old artist, and her first new recording since 2012.

"There's definitely a different sound that's coming together," Underwood told Country Countdown USA. She added that her upcoming work will spotlight a new producer in addition to Mark Bright, who has produced previous albums.

"I want everything to have its own space and look different, sound different, feel different," she said.

Carrie Underwood's baby, Isaiah, born in February. | Carrie Underwood/Facebook

The Grammy award-winning Christian singer revealed that fans can expect some of the same aspects of her musical style that they already like, but "also a little growth, a little bit of shift." Fans will ultimately get "things they've liked but (also) new things to see, hear, and feel," she said.

And part of that "sweet" new sound has to be about the baby, Underwood admits.

"It's impossible to not let your life affect things," she said about the influence of her family and faith on her new sound. "There's one song that will probably make it on the album that's about my husband and our baby, it's really sweet, and I'm happy to have that life magic happening in the room."

If the sound of the new music she's busy recording is indicative of life at home, fans might assume things are little more electric than usual these days based on her description of the direction she's taken in her new music.

"I feel things have a different sort of twang to them, kind of a rock twang," she said.

An upbeat, fast pace could at least describe the task of raising a newborn when both parents have demanding careers to juggle as well. The star would likely say it's her faith that keeps them grounded.

Last week, Underwood's husband Mike Fisher talked about faith, family and balancing a grueling career that challenges him physically, emotionally and spiritually with Christian Today.

The Nashville Predator revealed that during a Bible study he came across versus in Luke 9:23-25 that changed his life approach and ultimately repaired his relationship with God. Part of the scripture reference states "if you try to keep you life for yourself, you will lose it" and "What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process?"

Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher and son, Isaiah. | Carrie Underwood/Facebook

Something in the words stirred him to get real about his faith. "It didn't happen overnight, but slowly God changed me on the inside," he told CT. "It wasn't religion anymore. It was a real relationship."

In the interview, Fisher also noted that the change strengthened his marriage.

A release date has not yet been set for the new production, but Underwood has stated the project is "off to more than a great start."

"We've been recording, I've been in the studio, I've laid vocals down, background vocals, [and] there's still a few steps to go, but it shouldn't be too long."

Underwood released a greatest hits album December 2014 featuring work form her four studio albums to date as well as a faith-filled single "Something in the Water" about Christian topics like conversion and baptism.