ABC's 'Muppets' cancelled -- Moms say, 'Praise the Lord!'

by Michael Foust, Guest Reviewer |
ABC Muppets

LOS ANGELES (Christian Examiner) – ABC's "The Muppets" has been cancelled after only one season, and a pro-family group that spoke out against the adult-themed show is celebrating.

One Million Moms first alerted its members about the program last September, warning that "The Muppets" – despite the characters' mostly innocent history -- was "aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing."

The episodes were sprinkled with sexual humor and foul language, the Christian Examiner previously reported.

In an email alert, Monica Cole of One Million Moms called the show's cancellation "good news."

"It is no surprise ABC was disappointed in the show's ratings because parents were alerted ahead of time that no subject would be off limits," Cole wrote. "The show was a flop mainly because it was aimed at a mature audience and addressed subjects not suitable for family viewing. Beloved puppets do not mix well with perversion, sexually charged jokes, and crude humor."

ABC tried to reboot the series mid-season by making it less controversial – and the conservative Parents Television Council (PTC) said it was heading in the "right direction" – but it wasn't enough to keep it on the air, and the ratings never recovered. Even in the second half of the season, the show had adult themes -- with characters drinking together at bars — and there was still some language, PTC reported.

"'The Muppets' got axed. ... Praise the Lord!" Cole wrote. "These accomplishments are the result of the Lord's blessing on the prayers, action alerts, email letters, and gifts from concerned and generous supporters."

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