Modern-day holocaust is unfolding with mass killing of Christians

by Todd Starnes / Fox News, Guest Columnist |
An Islamic State terrorist holds a gun while standing behind what are said to be Ethiopian Christians in Wilayat Fazzan, in this still image from an undated video made available on a social media website on April 19, 2015. The video purportedly made by Islamic State and posted on social media sites on Sunday appeared to show militants shooting and beheading about 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. Reuters was not able to verify the authenticity of the video but the killings resemble past violence carried out by Islamic State, a terrorist group which has expanded its reach from strongholds in Iraq and Syria to conflict-ridden Libya. Libyan officials were not immediately available for comment. Ethiopia said it had not been able to verify whether the people shown in the video were its citizens. | REUTERS/Social Media Website via Reuters TV

TRIPOLI, Libya (Christian Examiner) -- There has been another purported mass killing of Christians in the Middle East. This time, two groups of Ethiopian believers were shot to death and beheaded for following the teachings of Christ.

The video shows familiar images: Islamic savages cloaked in hoods slaughtering their prey on a beach, just like in February when 21 of our brothers and sisters were massacred.

Last week, Muslims threw a dozen Christians into the Mediterranean Sea. Christians drowned to death, simply because of their faith.

I know this kind of terror befuddles the talking heads. They seem perplexed as to the reason why. But I know why. Franklin Graham knows why, too, writing on Facebook, "Islam has a deep and relentless hatred for people who bear the Name of Christ."

The White House condemned the latest mass execution, calling it "vicious, senseless brutality." But we are beyond words. People are dying. And it's only a matter of time before the extremists target American churches.

Evil is winning the day. Good men have done nothing as a modern-day Holocaust unfolds before our very eyes.


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