'Stained Glass' vids bring Bible heroes to life

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
In the Stained Glass mobile game app, users restore shattered glass into artistic scenes that depict 13 major Bible stories | YouTube screenshot: Stained Glass Game

AUSTIN, Texas (Christian Examiner) -- The leading publisher of Christian games is going mobile with a new free gaming app available for download on both Apple and Android platforms, that offers family friendly game play and access to the Gospel.

In Lightside Games' new Stained Glass app, users restore shattered glass into artistic scenes that depict 13 major Bible stories and their characters. Future upgrades will add stories, characters and game levels.

Through a continued partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its online "Search for Jesus" ministry gamers will see questions on the menu screen that lead to a Gospel presentation where they can ask more questions or make a decision for Christ.

"It doesn't replace Scripture, of course, but we hope it helps people engage in a new way and ask questions," Brent Dusing, founder and CEO of Lightside Games told BGEA.

Dusing is a Harvard graduate who says he developed his gaming company as result of God's calling on his life to create quality, biblically authentic entertainment.

"I felt a calling by God to make Christian video games," Dusing said. "There's all these games in the App Store that are neutral to negative, but there's nothing out there with a biblical view," he continued.

The company's website indicates more than 700 Million people worldwide play online games, and as many as 500 million play mobile device games. "There are people of every age, race, gender, and nation. Many of them have never heard the Gospel," the site states.

A unique aspect of the Stained Glass game is its stand alone nature. Until now, other games by Dusing's company -- like Journey of Jesus, Journey of Moses and Noah's Ark -- were Facebook based. Even so, those games reportedly have reached over 7 million players worldwide in over 200 countries.

"Stained Glass is the best product that we've ever made. We expect to see millions and millions of people around the world play this game," Dusing said. "We've done our best to follow God's leading."

According to BGEA, to date more than 150,000 of these players have been driven to the Association's online evangelism website, PeaceWithGod.net. From those who reached the site, at least 15,000 digital decisions were recorded.