Missouri boy's claims against teacher banning the Bible may be misunderstanding

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |

MARSHALL, Mo. (Christina Examiner) -- Last week's claims by the 12-year-0ld Missouri boy who accused a teacher of banning Bible reading at school are reportedly untrue, according to one school official.

Bueker Middle School administration determined the story involving seventh grade student Loyal Grandstaff never occurred, according to the Christian Post.

"The incident was never validated," Principal Lance Tobin told the publication. "Fox 4 News ran the report before we had the chance to look into the incident ourselves."

The story was first reported by the local Fox affiliate WDAF. During the station's interview with the family, Grandstaff stated he was reading the Bible silently during his free time at school before the Christmas break when the teacher allegedly told him he was not allowed to do so. The boy's father, Justin Grandstaff, went to the media before school resumed following winter break claiming the school violated his son's freedom of religion.

"He doesn't want me reading it in his class because he don't believe it," Loyal said during the initial interview.

However, the school's administration conducted an investigation that could not verify the boy's story, according to The Blaze.

"There is no teacher involved whatsoever," Tobin said when asked about the accused educator.

During a meeting with the principal last week, the family was told Bibles are welcome at the school.

"We just all agreed, and we talked about school and religion," Tobin said. "I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable understanding that their child could have the Bible at school and could read the Bible at school."

The principal stopped short of saying the entire incident was fabricated and instead said, "everything is wonderful."