Man claims Jesus told him to beat demons out of girlfriend

by Gregory Tomlin, |
Christopher Hyler, 28, appears before a judge in an Ohio court after nearly beating his girlfriend to death in October. | WKBN/CBS

SALEM, Ohio (Christian Examiner) – Usually, the criminal's excuse is "the devil made me do it." Not this time.

Christopher Hyler, a 28-year-old Ohio man, has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, vandalism and retaliation, claiming in court that Jesus – the Prince of Peace – asked him to beat the demons out of his girlfriend.

According to CBS-affiliate WKBN, the tattoo-laden Hyler was told of the charges in court. He said he did not understand them because he was just following orders.

"No, I didn't do nothing wrong, Jesus told me to get the demons out of her. How am I in trouble?" He asked when he was arraigned Oct. 26. "Jesus told me to do it, what are you talking about?! To get the demons out of her. It's not my fault!"

Hyler was removed from the courtroom as his outburst escalated. He returned days later, but another scuffle started between him and detention officers outside the chamber. Officers said he was able to rip part of a door frame off.

Hyler's girlfriend was so severely beaten at a motel that her eyes were swollen shut, she had cuts and bruises to her body, and she was unconscious for an undetermined amount of time. She was hospitalized for her injuries, Jackson Township Police Chief Greg Taillon said.

This isn't Hyler's first incident with police. He's had more than 50 run-ins with police.

"All over. Suspect, victim, arrested, various capacities. But it's over 50 times his name comes up in reports," Salem Police Lt. Don Beeson said.