Judicial tyranny: Kentucky judge does with a gavel what Bull Connor did with dogs and fire hoses

by Todd Starnes / Fox News, Guest Columnist |

GRAYSON, Ky. (Christian Examiner) -- Pastor Rick Warren once told me the fight for religious liberty would become the civil rights issue of our generation.

On Thursday Pastor Warren's prophetic words were fulfilled at the hands of the United States Government.

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It happened in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where Judge David Bunning ordered U.S. Marshalls to arrest Kim Davis - the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky.

History has taught us that sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes to right a wrong, we must take action. We must be willing to consider the cost. We must be willing to stand up to judicial tyranny.

Mrs. Davis is a devout Christian who refused to issue gay marriage licenses. She claimed that doing so would violate her religious beliefs.