Jordan Smith 'The Voice' in Christmas services at Rick Warren's church says he wants to make Jesus' name famous

by Tobin Perry, |
Rick Warren interviews Jordan Smith during Christmas services at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. | Screenshot

LAKE FOREST, Calif. (Christian Examiner)—Just a week after winning The Voice, Jordan Smith shared about how his Christian faith has shaped his life during Christmas services this week at Saddleback Church.

I never wanted to use His name to promote my position. I always wanted to use my position to promote His name and do whatever I could to make His name famous.

Saddleback pastor Rick Warren interviewed Smith after he sang "Mary, Did You Know?" When he sang it during the finale of The Voice, the recording became the number one song on iTunes.

Smith, who grew up as the son of a pastor, explained that his family had him in church all his life. He thanked them for their support in his life. He also serves as a worship leader at the church he attends.

"I've grown so close to the Lord," Smith said. "I try to walk with Him every day. I try to direct my thoughts toward Him because He has been so good to me."

Warren asked Smith about his experience with the faithfulness of God after playing a clip of him singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" during The Voice. Back in November, the song was the first Gospel song ever sung on the show.

"How has God not been faithful to me?" Smith said. "He's done so much for me. He has healed members of my family. He has healed me. But the greatest thing I ever received was my salvation. If He never did another thing for me in my entire life, than that is absolutely enough. Everything else is just an added bonus."

Smith also noted in the interview that he had committed to God that, "I never wanted to use His name to promote my position. I always wanted to use my position to promote His name and do whatever I could to make His name famous."

In reference to his Christmas sermon, "Enjoying a Fear Not Christmas," Warren also asked Smith how he handled fear while appearing on The Voice. Smith admitted that he often felt fear before going on the show and singing before millions. He also talked about how an earlier failure to make The Voice had increased his fears concerning participating in the show.

"There's always a little bit of fear that creeps in, the fear of inadequacy, thinking that you are not good enough or you can't do it," Smith said. "I had to accept that I am not good enough in my own strength, in my own flesh. I'm not enough, none of us are. Where I end is where He begins. He will take everything that is out of our control, and He will do His part."

Smith's first album, a compilation of his songs from The Voice, debuted on iTunes last week. He is the first person to have every song from his live performances on the show to make the iTunes "Top 10" list. His back-to-back number one renditions of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and "Hallelujah" reached number one on iTunes in consecutive weeks, making him the first artist to replace himself on that chart.