Iraq remnant thanks God for 'new souls' despite ISIS persecution

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |
Photo by Joni B. Hannigan/Jacksonville

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Christian Examiner) — In the Middle East where the threat of terror from Islamic radicals looms large in some regions where Christian believers have been persecuted and tortured for their beliefs – a resilient remnant is thanking God today for "new souls" being added to the church in numbers never before seen.

The leader of a group, "Iraq Call for Revival," disclosed to the Christian Examiner today, that despite Christian families displaced throughout Iraq, there is a growing movement that he is thankful for.

"We thank the almighty for His care and protection, for the souls being saved," the leader said. "Even though circumstances are hard, the joy of the Lord has strengthened us.

"There is an awakening and spark of the Holy Spirit that is igniting souls and strengthen them. Spiritual Strongholds are coming down and new souls are being added to the church like never before."

Others in Iraq have various messages of thanks:

Shams: "I am thankful to the Lord for protecting me and my life, and for continuing to live safely despite all of all the dangers that surround us."

Yousif: "We always thank the Lord for His blessings and for protecting us because we live in an unstable situation. Happy Thaksgiving!"

Aana: "We trust our Lord for His promises and we are thankful for HIS mercy. We thank HIM. HE IS IN CONTROL and can change the curse to blessings. Have a blessed Thanksgiving day."

In Jordan, one Christian, Imad, said there is no stopping Christianity.

"I am thankful that there is more theological education in the Middle East today than any time since the fourth century! Nothing stops Christ's church from moving forward," he said.