Huckabee to Florida mega-church: Ready to 'take the stand' in 2016

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
Mike Huckabee tells the congregation at First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, Feb. 1, 2015, it is better to stand alone with God than to be in a crowd without Him. | FBC Jacksonville/screen capture

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Christian Examiner) -- Whether Mike Huckabee runs for president in 2016 remains to be seen, but the self-proclaimed "small town guy" told First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, he is ready to take whatever stand God wishes him to take, even if he stands alone.

The author, Baptist minister, former governor, and recent FOX News talk show host addressed the Jacksonville crowd last Sunday with a message centered on the story of Elijah.

Huckabee made his point by parallelling the prophet Elijah's story of standing alone in a world full of false gods, to his own experience in the "bubbles of influence in America" that often exist in places like New York, Hollywood and Washington, D.C.

He encouraged those present to stand firm on their faith and values despite being "rebuffed, rebuked or humiliated" by the "disconnect" experienced in those "bubbles" which often fail to represent the sentiments of average Americans.

"Sometimes, because the culture that we are surrounded with and bombarded with is so overwhelming, we just don't think anybody believes like us any more. We think that we are marginal, insignificant, that we simply don't even matter," Huckabee said.

"I would suggest to you that we make a huge mistake when we walk away and simply don't show up and take the stand God wishes us to take," he offered.

Huckabee pointed out the importance of holding a firm stance against the cultural influence on the issue of same-sex marriage. Citing the pending U.S. Supreme Court's consideration of the legality of same-sex marriage across the nation, Huckabee said God was the ultimate authority on the issue.

"I know they are the Supreme Court, but the last time I checked, they are not the Supreme Being. They will not be the ultimate ones who will make that decision," he said to applause.

Huckabee likened life to a game that cannot be won without knowledge of the rules to play by and proclaimed life's ultimate goal is "to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ." Noting the Bible holds the rules for how to win, he said historically the existence of God and the existence of His law have been the basis of a simple moral code to live by and the rules by which to win at life, he said.

"Your're not alone, but even if you were, better to be alone following the Word and the will of God than to be with the biggest crowd of people who agree with everything you say and do but find yourself going off the cliff and losing the game at the end because you never understood what the ultimate purpose of your life was."

Huckabee made no announcement of his intentions for the 2016 presidential run. However, the Florida Times Union reported the Jacksonville church's Senior Pastor Mac Brunson overtly expressed his hope to see Huckabee headed for the white house.

"Would it not be neat for once in our modern history to have a president who had a pastor's heart?" Brunson said "I just think it would be neat to have a president with a pastor's heart," he said.

In 2008, Huckabee ran unsuccessfully for president. His departure from hosting the "Huckabee" talk show has led to speculation that the former Arkansas Governor has his sights set on the presidency for 2016.