How to watch the 2016 Olympics 'to the glory of God'

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |
2016 Rio Olympics - Opening ceremony - Maracana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 05/08/2016. The Refugee Olympic Athletes' team arrives for the opening ceremony. | REUTERS/Mike Blake

RIO DE JANEIRO (Christian Examiner) —The Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Committee has released a four-point guide on how to watch the 2016 Olympic games "to the glory of God."

The article, written by David Prince, assistant professor of Christian preaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote in the introduction that "there is something uniquely captivating about the Olympic games."

Pointing to the contemporary culture's "sport's obsessed society," Prince sketches a history of the games from modern times back to games played on the ancient plains of Olympia in 776 B.C.

He lists four ways people can watch the 2016 Olympics "for the Glory of God":

1) Look for truth, beauty and goodness as God's image bearers compete.

In part, Prince says, "pray for the athletes you learn about."

2) Learn about focus and perseverance in the face of struggle.

Comparing runners with life and how Christ finished the race, Prince said, "Jesus starts each runner on his course and provides the means for a successful race."

3) Be challenged toward personal discipline and purpose.

Modern day athletes are a reminder of the need for these, according to Prince.

4) Let the nations represented cause you to think about our gospel mission.

Pointing to the ethnic diversity represented at the Olympic games, Prince reminds watchers of the need to "pray for the gospel to spread among all the nations represented."

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