Holly Fisher says extra-marital affair a lesson in judgement, cyber bullying & true faith

by Vanessa Rodriguez, |
This July photo of Holly Fisher thrust her into internet fame and launched her into a whirlwind stint in politics she said led to an extra-marital affair. | Facebook

CHARLESTON, W.V. (Christian Examiner) -- A West Virginia Christian mother who found internet fame last July when she expressed her far-right political views through controversial pictures on social media is in the spotlight again this week. This time for admitting an extra-marital affair.

Anyone who thinks I'm not a Christian because I lost my way and made terrible decisions doesn't understand what it means to be a Christian. I'm so thankful for God's grace and that He's more merciful than strangers.

Holly Fisher, first drew public attention for photos she tweeted of herself carrying a shotgun, which she followed with a picture of herself in front of a Hobby Lobby store with a Chick-fil-A cup wearing a pink "Pro Life" t-shirt the same day the Supreme Court ruled the craft chain was exempt from having to insure contraceptives because it conflicted with the owners' religious beliefs.

The most controversial photo, which drew some to compare her to Palestinian female suicide bomber, depicted Fisher in front of the American flag, carrying an AR-15 in one hand and a Bible in the other. The photos went viral and spiked her Twitter following to more than 35,000 followers.

But Jan. 18, it was not Fisher's Twitter feed that had her followers attention, but a Facebook statement she wrote confessing an extra marital affair.

The message read: 'When I got thrown into the political spotlight last year, it was completely unexpected and a whirlwind. I was excited for the attention, but also scared and overwhelmed.

"In the overwhelming mess of the political spotlight and trying to find myself and where I belong, I actually completely lost myself," she wrote. "I lost my faith in my marriage, I lost my faith in this life that not only I've chosen for myself, but a life that I promote..... For a very short period in the middle of that, I actually believed my marriage was over and found someone else."

According to the Daily Mail the statement came after another source threatened to reveal the affair which allegedly involved Joel Frewa, the former communications director for the Tea Party. Fisher reportedly told the news site that she and her veteran husband have worked through the marital problems and remain together.

The wide response from her followers led to a follow up statement Fisher made Tuesday morning where she claimed her own infidelity taught her a lesson about cyber bullying and judgment.

"One of the hardest lessons I've learned in this is how I've treated people in the past for their missteps. I never thought I was a bully, or judgmental, but now I realize that's false. Never again will I throw someone's mistakes in their face, because I now know that they most likely already have enough weight on their shoulders and on their heart privately without me caps lock raging from my phone."

Fisher continued with an example of her own cyber bullying actions during election season.

"We also say things online that we wouldn't dare say in person. ... [T]he Internet really brings out the worst in people, including myself," she wrote.

To her critics, Fisher said, "I get it" and shared that in humility she confessed her sin to God and her husband and is on her way back to find healing for herself, her marriage and her family.

"It took a very, very dark day for me to fall on my face in my bedroom floor and ask God, after months of being unable to pray, to please bring me back, please forgive me, and please help guide me back into this person I used to be. ..."

Fisher also declared the events which transpired have made her faith stronger.

"Anyone who thinks I'm not a Christian because I lost my way and made terrible decisions doesn't understand what it means to be a Christian. I'm so thankful for God's grace and that He's more merciful than strangers.

"I am back. I am stronger than ever, my marriage is stronger than ever, and I do not regret what has happened," the  Things are a mess right now while the public comes to terms with my downfall and my mistakes, but it took getting to that rock bottom low for me to realize just how wrong I've been and what a lackluster Christian I've been."