Hezbollah leader declares ISIS is 'more evil' than Israel & has damaged image of Muslims worldwide

by Gregory Tomlin, |
Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters from a screen in Beirut's southern suburbs, Lebanon May 20, 2016. Hezbollah, a group responsible for much of the destruction in Lebanon during the civil war and numerous acts of terror, is now a political party in the country. | REUTERS/Aziz Taher

BERUIT (Christian Examiner) – There's no question Hezbollah, the Iranian-supported Shiite terror group and political party in Lebanon, hates the Jewish people and nation of Israel.

It turns out, however, there is another group of people it hates just as much, if not more – the Islamic State and other "Wahhabist" sects like al Qaeda.

During an annual meeting with Muslim organizers of commemoration ceremonies which take place during the lunar month of Muharram in Lebanon, Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah told an audience of clerics that Wahhabism is worse than the Jewish nation and Zionism.

"Wahhabism is more evil than Israel, especially [in] that it seeks to destroy others and eliminate whatever thing that has to do with Islam and its history," the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Akhbar reported.

He also said ISIS and other groups like it have damaged the image of Islam worldwide and turned many Muslims against each other.

Wahhabism is more evil than Israel, especially [in] that it seeks to destroy others and eliminate whatever thing that has to do with Islam and its history.

"This program was launched in 2011 and it is not a Shiite and Sunni matter," Nasrallah said. "We should use this opportunity to pin Wahhabism down and deal a blow to it."

Hezbollah is aligned with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iran. It has supported the Syrian dictator against ISIS, which Nasrallah indicated was funded and supported by Wahhabist Saudi Arabians in Riyadh.

Wahhabism draws its name from the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd-al Wahhab, a 18th century Muslim cleric in what is today Saudi Arabia. He believed in eliminating innovations in Islam and returning it to its primitive state – the state it was in during the time of its founder, Muhammad, and his followers.

For that reason, Wahhabists are considered "fundamentalists" or "Islamists." They are usually very brutal in implementing their primitive vision of Islam.

Nasrallah said the commitment shared by Wahhabists is ideologically insurmountable, so there is little chance they will cease their attacks in Syria and other countries. He said what happens on the battlefield will determine the outcome of the country.

That is just what ISIS wants, as well. According to their eschatology, or their belief in the end times, the great apocalyptic battle between the forces of Allah and the "armies of the infidel" will occur in a field outside the small town of Dabiq in Syria.