'Happy Chewbacca mom,' leverages 'simple joys' T-shirt to benefit missions

by Michael Foust, Guest Reviewer |
FACEBOOK/Candace Payne

DALLAS (Christian Examiner) – "Happy Chewbacca" mom Candace Payne has partnered with a business to release a T-shirt celebrating the "simple joys" of life, with 50 percent of the profits supporting a ministry at her church.

Payne's viral video of her laughing at a Chewbacca mask received more than 150 million views on Facebook, allowing her to testify to the joy she lives with on a daily basis — thanks to her Christian faith.

The shirt, available at BecomingInk.com, features an artistic nature scene with the words "live for the simple joys."

Becoming Ink is a unique business that sells specially designed T-shirts to benefit charities but prints only a limited number. Payne's T-shirt will be sold through June 27.

Rebecca Tillman-Young, founder of Becoming Ink, said she reached out to Payne and asked her if she would be interested in the partnership.

"What inspired me most about Candace's video and message was the laughter she was spreading through something so simple and fun," Tillman-Young told the Christian Examiner.

"I had gotten some bad news and was having a terrible morning the day she posted the Chewbacca video, but in spite of my frustration, her video made me laugh, and immediately brightened my day," Tillman-Young said. "I thought, what can we do with this to keep it alive and remind people to embrace the simple joys every day?"

Payne and Tillman-Young are longtime friends.

"She's turned out to be this incredible, incredible artist," Payne said.

Half of the proceeds from the shirt will benefit the "All In" initiative at The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas. The initiative supports local needs and international missions.