GRAHAM: Run for office, vote for principled candidates

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Christian Examiner) – Franklin Graham stopped short of endorsing any political candidate Wednesday, but he announced he will urge Christians to run for public office during his "Decision America Tour" in 2016.

The 50-state tour of the United States will showcase prayer rallies, a time when Christian will be challenged to "boldly live out their faith and pray for our nation and its leaders," Graham said, adding that it is time for Christians to vote for candidates who are biblically principled.

"I want to strongly urge Christians to run for public office at every level—local, state, and federal," Graham said in an April 15 news release from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

"I will be proclaiming the truth of God's Gospel in every state," said Graham, who heads the minstry founded by his father, American evangelist Billy Graham. At 62, the younger Graham said he has lived long enough to understand that "no political party or politician is the answer" – and neither Democrats nor Republicans can "turn this country around."

"The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ," he said.