Graham: America's enemies now radical secularism and 'progressives'

by Gregory Tomlin, |
Franklin Graham preaches in Boston Aug. 30 as part of his Decision America Tour. | Franklin Graham/Facebook

BOSTON (Christian Examiner) – Unlike the American colonies, the enemies the United States now faces are from within – a secular worldview that rejects the existence of God and a political philosophy that keeps pushing the country toward socialism, evangelist Franklin Graham said via social media Aug. 30.

Graham, fresh off a Decision American Tour prayer rally in Boston, said on Facebook that 3,000 people had come together in the "cradle of Liberty" to prayer about the future of the country. They asked for God's forgiveness, he said, and encouraged Christians to vote in the upcoming elections.

He then evoked the American Revolution's images to describe the danger the country was facing. He said Paul Revere's lanterns hung from the Old North Church steeple in 1775 to warn of the approaching enemy.

"I'm not hanging lanterns, but I am going state-to-state warning the people of our nation about the enemy," Graham wrote.

"The enemy is not the British today, but godless secularism and people who call themselves progressives who are undermining the morals and the God-given biblical foundation that our Founding Fathers gave this nation."

Graham said the perilous situation underscores the importance of the next election.

Graham also recalled that his father, famed evangelist Billy Graham, had preached the gospel in Boston Common in 1950. It was fitting then, he said, to heed the motto of the City of Boston:

"God be with us as He was with our fathers."

Graham said he isn't sure America is at all interested in what God has done for it.

"As a nation, we have turned out back on God. Today, we prayed for His forgiveness and for healing of our land," he wrote in another post.

Boston was the 39th state capital visited by Graham. He moved on from Boston to Providence, R.I.